Julian Newman to skip college, play professional


High school basketball sensation, Julian Newman, has reportedly made a decision to skip college basketball and instead take the professional route. The news was announced on Overtime’s Youtube live video with Overtime Larry.

Julian stated, “Overseas is something that’s gonna happen, so yeah, stay tuned”.

Julian was asked about a potential overseas team up with long time friend and 4 star recruit Kyree Walker. Which Julian Newman replied, “That would be cool, I’d love to play with him”.


Walker has confirmed offers from Arkansas, Arizona, Arizona State, and Kansas, but still has not made an official decision on whether or not he will attend college. He might instead take the pro route like Julian.

Julian Newman made his high school debut at the age of 11 (2012-13) and averaged 12.2 points and 10.5 assists per game.

He has progressed every year, but is still overlooked due to his small stature, standing at a generous 5’7.


Newman averaged 32.3 points, 6.9 assists, 5.4 rebounds, and 2.8 steals this past season with Prodigy Prep according to Max Preps.

He did mention overseas, however, the league he will attend is still unknown. Due to Julian being unranked as a high schooler, he may find it hard to find success in a competitive league in Europe or Australia.

Although Julian Newman mentioned “overseas,” somewhere like Canada could be a potential option. It could be somewhere he could really showcase his talent.

Julian Newman has always had to block out noise and criticism due to his small stature and “Cocky” persona.

Julian was always told he would never make it to the next level. Most of time due to his small stature. Julian has achieved tons of success that most only dream to see in their basketball careers.

Julian has been seen on multiple national television shows. Started up his own brand named “Prodigy” with his father and sister Jaden Newman. He also has played in some elite tournaments and games against some high profile players. Such as MSHTV, Overtime 3V3, and even pulled up with Zion Harmon at Dyckman.

Julian has also had to battle with severe criticism in his career. The fact that he’s a bit of a fancy player that likes to make guys look bad on defense.

Julian has received many “OVERRATED” chants, especially when he was playing top schools such as IMG, or Spire.

Although Julian has his obvious shortcomings and may not find the success, he hopes at the next level, Julian has been a star his whole life.

Image via Gary Bogdon of The New York Times

Julian first started playing varsity basketball in the 5th grade average a double double in points and assists. Julian was always small due to his age, but many did not think he would grow up to be only 5’7.


Julian’s sister Jaden has received heavy interest from schools such as Kentucky, and even the university of Miami.

Julian has always been in the spotlight since such a young age. Whatever he does from now on is just sugar on top, because of what he’s accomplished in the basketball community.

Julian is respected by all national basketball media outlets and is respected by a lot of people in the basketball community.

Julian also drew comparisons to potentially the first pick in this years NBA draft, Lamelo Ball when Ball was in the 10th grade at Chino Hills.

They were compared because of small stature, ability to handle and shoot the ball. Also the fact that they were playing against players well above their age.

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