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Tournament Bracket via ESPN

Semi-Finals (Saturday April 12th, 2020):

No. 5 Devin Booker vs No. 8 Montrezl Harrell Booker advances to the Finals, winning the series 2-0. He used the Clippers and the Raptors in his two wins


No. 10 DeAndre Ayton vs No. 14 Patrick Beverley @7pm on ESPN


10:54pm: Devin Booker takes the win and wins the tournament 74-62!

10:53pm: Devin leads by 15 with less then a minute to go

10:48pm: Devin now leads by 15, and Ayton’s frustration is growing

10:45pm: Devin now leads by 12

Deandre Ayton is just about ready to quit

10:40pm: Devin Booker enjoys a 55-45 lead going into the 4th

10:37pm: Devin now leads by 15 with two minutes left in the 3rd

10:35pm: Devin has a nice 53-40 as Ayton uses a timeout

10:34pm: Devin now leads by double digits (11)

10:33pm: Devin now leads 44-38

10:24pm: Devin leads 41-35 at halftime

10:23pm: “MONTE!” Devin cannot stop hitting greens

10:21pm: Devin regains lead and is up 31-29

10:20pm: Devin ties it up as soon as the bench mob gets on

Devin is getting frustrated with his team

10:19pm: Deandre Ayton goes on a nice scoring run and now leads 25-22

10:17pm: Ayton now leads 20-19

10:12pm: Devin Booker holds a 19-14 lead after the 1st quarter

10:11pm: “Hard to guard bro” after a green bomb from Jokic

10:10pm: “I see you Joker” after a bucket with Nikola Jokic

10:09pm: Book holds a 3 point lead with one minute left

10:07pm: “That’s a big body right there” as Book gets a tough paint bucket with Jokic

10:02pm: Devin Booker Vs Deandre Ayton II is starting now!

Ronnie hops on a skype call with Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray

9:57pm: Devin Booker takes a 72-62 win in the first game of the NBA 2K Finals!

9:55pm: Book is up by 10 with under a minute left

9:53pm: “By you CLASSIC” after an easy bucket from Harden

9:49pm: Book finishes the third 52-47

9:45pm: Anthony Davis is dominating in the paint for Deandre Ayton

9:43pm: “Lock in JH” as Book takes a 7 point lead

9:36pm: Devin Booker gets the double digit lead

9:35pm: “I see you uncle Jeff” as Book throws down a fastbreak slam with Jeff Green

Takeoff claims he would win a 2K tournament among the three

Ronnie hops on a skype with the MIGOS

Booker’s Rockets are 11-0 in fastbreak points

9:27pm: Devin Booker leads 33-29 at halftime

9:25pm: “ON HIS HEAD!!” as Book drives right through the lane with Russ for a monster slam

9:23pm: Devin Booker holds a 4 point lead with two minutes to go until half

9:20pm: “By you classic!” as Devin Booker sprints right past Dwight for an easy jam

9:18pm: Book goes on a 6-0 run and now holds a 20-14 lead

9:14pm: The 1st quarter ends with a tie at 14-14

9:12pm: “Turn the corner on him james LET’S GO!” as Book throws down yet another slam with the beard

9:11pm: “AYYYYY” as Devin Booker throws down monster slam with Harden

These two are straight jokers

9:03pm: Deandre Ayton vs Devin Booker is starting!

No. 5 Devin Booker vs Devin Booker @9pm ET on ESPN

8:56pm: Deandre Ayton gets the 74-67 dub and will play teammate Devin Booker in the finals

8:54pm: Ayton hits two game sealing free throws (72-65) with 15 seconds left

8:50pm: Ayton leads 64-54 with 3 minutes left

8:48pm: “This man left Book open” after a bomb from Devin Booker

8:41pm: “THAT”S VALLEY BOY 25!” Ayton throws down an AND-1 slam with Bridges

Deandre Ayton and Patrick beverley talkin’ trash is the funniest thing ever

Patrick Beverley straight throwin’ shade

8:36pm: “AHHHHHHH” DA throws it down hard on Jokic

8:32pm: Ayton ends half with a 35-29 lead

8:30pm: “Don’t jump on him bro” Jevon Carter is hitting daggers for Ayton

Patrick Beverley with some words about Devin Booker. Imagine if they face off in the finals…

8:19pm: Ayton finishes the 1st quarter with a 24-14 lead

8:18pm: “Put some respect on JC” as Ayton hits a bomb with Jevon Carter

8:16pm: “That’s Baynes. THAT’S BAYNES!” As Ayton gets a big bucket at the rim

8:13pm: “On me? Ha, alright” as Ayton nearly stuffs Nikola Jokic

8:12pm: Oubre with a lob to Ayton for the first bucket of the game

8:10pm: Deandre Ayton “I HAVE TO DO IT” as he picks his Phoenix Suns

8:00pm: The second game between Patrick Beverley and Deandre Ayton is about to begin

7:58pm: DeAndre Ayton wins the first game 75-69 to take the lead in the best-out-of-three series. Beverley faces elimination and needs to win the second game in order to keep his finals hopes alive

7:56pm: Beverley misses a real clutch free throw, down 67-71 with 44 seconds remaining

7:51pm: Both Beverley and Ayton are going at it, who will take the lead in the series?

7:50pm: Ayton leading by 5 points with 2:01 remaining in the final quarter

7:46pm: 4th quarter starts in this nailbiter

7:41pm: Beverley is up 54-51 at /the end of the third quarter in a real tight match.

7:36pm: Ayton using the Kyrie and Jarrett Allen alley-oop combo to start pulling away.

7:35pm: Game still really tight. Both have played really evenly. Every possession counts

7:33pm: Second half starts. Lets see who goes out on top to lead the series 1-0

7:26pm: First half ends without any team truly pulling out to the top. Ayton is leading 33-31.

7:23pm: “Imma turn it up” – Patrick Beverley … proceeds to get dunked on by Ayton

7:18pm: Second quarter has started

7:14pm: First quarter ends with the game tied at 18-18

7:06pm: Watch out for a lot of trash-talking in this matchup

7:05pm: In Game 1 of the second semi-finals series, Ayton chooses with the Brooklyn Nets while Beverley goes with the Celtics

7:01pm: Next game up is Patrick Beverley vs DeAndre Ayton. Who will get to the finals?

6:57pm: Booker advances to the Finals with by a narrow score of 65-62

6:55pm: Harrell fouled Fred Vanvleet with 11.8 seconds remaining in the game. Booker leading 63-60 with just over 10 seconds to go.

6:48pm: Final quarter of the game has started

6:44pm: Booker leads 54-50 at the end of the third quarter

6:35pm: 2nd half of this really intense game has started

6:28pm: First half ends with the game tied at 31. Intense second half coming

6:20pm: Harrell keeping it much closer this game, trying to keep his Finals hopes alive

6:16pm: 2nd quarter has started

6:12pm: Booker leading by just 1 point, 18-17 at the en

6:03pm: Harrell chooses the Milwaukee Bucks-in an elimination game while Booker goes with the Toronto Raptors to try an advance to the Finals

5:53pm: Devin Booker wins the first game 68-54 and leads the series 1-0. He’s now one win away to booking his ticket to the finals

5:49pm: Booker up by nearly 20

5:47pm: We ain’t doin layups no more – Booker. My man is starting to go up with a barrage of 3’s

5:45pm: 4th quarter has commenced

5:41pm: Booker leading big by 15 points, 55-40 at the end of the

5:38pm: Harrell says apparently

5:33pm: Second half has started

5:26pm: Devin Booker takes a sizeable lead at the end of the first half, leading 39-29

5:23: “Why do you keep shooting two’s bruh?” – Harrell

5:20pm: 2nd quarter has begun

5:15pm: Real entertaining start to the first match of the night with Booker going all out in Trash-talking Montrezl.

5:15pm: Booker leads at the end of the first, the score being 17-12

5:13pm: Booker using the Clippers’ size to gain an advantage over Harrell’s Rockets

5:06pm: Booker goes with Clippers in the first game in the best-of-three series. Harrell will go with the Rockets.

4:46pm: First Semi-Final matchup about to start in a few minutes between Devin Booker and Montrezl Harrell


Round 1:

Friday April 3rd, 2020

No. 1 Kevin Durant vs. No. 16 Derrick Jones Jr RESULT: Jones knocks out Kevin Durant by a score of 78-62

No. 7 Zach Lavine vs. No. 10 Deandre Ayton, RESULT: Ayton advances to the second round with a 57-41 win over Zach Lavine

No. 2 Trae Young vs. No. 15 Harrison Barnes, RESULT: Trae wins by a blowout, 101-59, to advance to the second round.

No. 3 Hassan Whiteside vs. No. 14 Patrick Beverley. RESULT: Pat Bev advances in a dominant fashion winning 84-54

Sunday April 5th, 2020

No. 8 Montrezl Harrell vs. No. 9 Domantas Sabonis RESULT: Harrell dominates winning by 22 points. Final score is 73-51

No. 4 Donovan Mitchell vs. No. 13 Rui Hachimura RESULT: Hachimura wins a tough one 74-71 to advance.

No. 5 Devin Booker vs. No. 12 Michael Porter Jr RESULT: Booker wins it 85-75 to advance

No. 6 Andre Drummond vs. No. 11 Demarcus Cousins RESULT: Drummond demolishes Cousins 101-49 to advance

Round 2:

No. 5 Devin Booker vs No. 13 Rui Hachimura RESULT: Booker wins it 71-55 to advance

No. 8 Montrezl Harrell vs No. 16 Derrick Jones Jr RESULT: Harrell wins it 71-66 to advance

No. 2 Trae Young vs No. 10 DeAndre Ayton RESULT: Ayton wins it 73-66 to advance

No. 6 Andre Drummond vs No. 14 Patrick Beverley RESULT: Beverley wins it 69-62 to advance

Live Blog:

(All times are in ET)

Thursday April 9th, 2020

10:59pm Devin Booker vs Montrezl Harrell and Patrick Beverley vs DeAndre Ayton on Saturday. Stay tuned and come back to this live blog as we continue on Saturday through the semi-finals. But, for now, see you folks!

10:55pm Patrick Beverley makes a comeback and gets the win 69-62. He will face Deandre Ayton on Saturday

10:52pm “THANK YOU. THANK YOU.” Pat Bev furthers his lead to 7

10:45pm “AND ONEEEE” Patrick Beverley is in full hype mode, screaming, sweating, and hyping everybody up!

10:44pm Patrick Beverley is all over Drummond on d. He really is a mirror image on and off the court

10:42pm “TELLL THEEE TRUTHHHTHHH” Pat Bev is flippin’ out!

10:40pm Andre Drummond leads at the end of the 3rd quarter due to a buzzer beating three from Eric Bledsoe. Drummond leads 46-45

10:35pm “Go to the bench now, be quiet” says Patrick Beverley. Bev keeps on intentionally fouling, especially Giannis Antetokounmpo

Turns out Patrick Beverley plays 2K just like real basketball

Andre Drummonds Bucks leads Patrick Beverley’s Sixers 10-2 in free throws

10:23pm Andre Drummond leads 36-30 at halftime

10:20pm “WHAT IS HE DOIN WITH THE BALL? CMONN LET’S GOOO” Pat is too hyped

10:13pm Andre Drummond leads 21-10 at the end of the 1st quarter

Game off to a slow start. It’s apparent that Pat and his 76’ers have the clear advantage on the offensive boards

10:03pm “Been workin’ out like a MAD MAN” says Patrick beverley

10:00pm Patrick Beverley Vs Andre Drummond

9:59pm Deandre Ayton defeats Trae Young 73-66 and will play the winner of the next matchup

9:56pm Ayton screams “AYYYYY” as Paul George throws down what could be the game winning dunk

9:54pm Deandre Ayton screams “AAANNNDDD ONEEE” but gets two free throws instead, and makes them count

9:50pm Deandre Ayton has re-gained the lead as the score sits at 61-60

9:48pm “YOU BETTER MAKE UP FOR IT” after Ayton turns it over but gets it back as Paul George drives in for a monster slam

9:46pm Trae Young’s Lakers are dominating the offensive boards as he is now up 56-54

9:41pm Trae Young is now on top after the 3rd quarter as the game sits at 51-50

9:39pm “I just babied him in the paint bro” says Deandre Ayton after an easy bucket in the paint

Much respect to Trae Young for wearing the classic 8/24 hoodie honoring the great Kobe Bryant

9:35pm “They be trippin’ on Bron’s jumpshot on here” says Trae

9:22pm Deandre Ayton leads 36-29 at halftime

9:20pm Trae performs a “Rock the cradle” dunk with Lebron James and says, “Yep, that’s Bron”

9:12pm Ayton finishes the 1st quarter with a 22-13 lead over Trae

9:10pm “I’ve got a lot of weights in my garage, I’ve been liftin’ a lot” says Trae Young

9:08pm “PG is splashin” says Trae. Ayton responds, “That’s always PG”

9:00pm Deandre Ayton Vs Trae Young

8:59pm Montrezl Harrell defeats Derrick Jones Jr 71-66 and will take on Devin Booker Saturday

8:40pm Harrell finishes off the 3rd quarter with a 55-42 lead

8:34pm Harrell screams “CHILL OUT” as Dame slams it over two defenders

Ronnie hops on a Skype with well known rap artist NAV speaking about what he’s been doing to stay productive during quarantine

8:25pm Montrezl Harrell enters halftime with a 34-28 lead over Derrick Jones Jr

8:23pm “What you been doing since the quarantine?” Derrick Jones says that he has a bike and weights and has just been working out a lot

8:12pm Montrezl Harrell finishes off the 1st quarter with a 20-16 lead

8:00pm Montrezl Harrell Vs Derrick Jones Jr

7:59pm Devin Booker gets the easy 71-55 win and will move on to the semi finals to face the winner of Derrick Jones jr Vs Montrezl Harrell

7:58pm “AND WE KEEP PLAYING. AND WE KEEP PLAYING. says Devin Booker. It appears he’s still trying very hard despite a 16 point lead

7:49pm “ZINGERRRRRR” says Devin Booker as he hits a corner three with Kristaps Porzingis

7:45pm Rui Hachimura pauses and speaks to his coach. Devin proceeds to say “What’s coach sayin’ in the huddle?”

7:42pm Devin Booker finishes the 3rd quarter with a 50-37 lead

7:39pm “Oh my god here we go. HERE WE GO” as Devin Booker takes a 45-35 lead after back to back buckets with Luka Doncic

7:26pm Devin Booker catches fire in the second half and now has a 32-28 lead

7:22pm Devin Booker goes on an 11-0 run

7:14pm Rui Hachimura closes out the 1st quarter with a 17-15 lead over Devin Booker

7:06pm Devin Booker jokes about Rui Hachimura having a “coach” in the background who he is communicating with

7:00pm Devin Booker Vs Rui Hachimura

Wednesday April 8th, 2020

8:04pm: Tomorrow is the day! Tune in for quarterfinals action @7pm.

Monday April 6th, 2020:

2:29pm: Quarter-Finals have been moved to Thursday April 9th from 7-11pm ET on ESPN2

Sunday April 5th, 2020

10:04pm: To recap, it was a much better, more entertaining day today as the players were way more competitive. If they keep this up through the quarter-finals to the finals then ESPN and 2K would be successful in entertaining quarantined basketball fans. Let’s hope this continues. That’s all for tonight folks. Will not be updating for the second-round matches so stay tuned for when this blog comes back live.

10:01pm: Drummond crushes Cousins 101-49 to advance to the second round.

9:51pm: Final quarter of the day has started

9:47pm: Drummond crushing Boogie. The 3rd quarter has come to an end. Score is 68-45

9:44pm: Andre Drummond has run away with it, Boogie down by way too much to make a comeback.

9:34pm: Second half begins

9:23pm: Drummond leads at half 42-35 in an entertaining match

9:15pm: Drummond took the early lead but Cousins has cut the deficit

9:00pm: DeMarcus Cousins chose the Nets while Drummond went with the Lakers

8:58pm: Booker wins it 85-75 in a good game. Next up Cousins and Drummond

8:48pm: 4th quarter starts with Booker leading 59-51

8:45pm: Booker leading the way after 3 quarters

8:43pm: Booker absolutely destroying MPJ with the pick-and-pop

8:33pm: Second half of the Booker/MPJ game has started

8:28pm: For those who want a little side story on why Kevin Knox chose to wear #20. (I know it’s a bit unrelated but extra knowledge you know)

8:24pm: Booker is leading 42-36 at halftime

8:23pm: D Book pulling away late in the 2nd quarter but MPJ also pushing back

8:16pm: Booker leafing 20-19 at the end of the first quarter

8:03pm: MPJ takes the Lakers while Booker chooses the Bucks.

7:59pm: Next up is the tournament favourite, 5th seed Devin Booker, going up against 12th seed Michael Porter Jr

7:57pm: Rui Hachimura takes possibly the tightest game of the tourney yet. Final score 74-71. Good game by Donovan Mitchell, put up a tough fight.

7:50pm: 65-65 with 1:30 left to play

7:44pm: Final quarter has started.

7:40pm: 3rd quarter is over. The game is really really tight. Hachimura up by 2. Score is 51-49

7:38pm: Both of em getting pre entertaining. The intensity is real

7:27pm: First half ends with Hachimura taking the narrow lead, up 38-34. Real good, tight game.

7:20pm: Hachimura is dominating with LeBron while Mitchell riding it out with Kyrie Irving

7:19pm: Just noticed they playing on 2K view. I guess it was only the first match that was played on broadcast view

7:17pm: 2nd quarter has started

7:13pm: First quarter ends with Hachimura and the Lakers leading 19-17

7:09pm: Both players really locked into the game. Not as much talking as the match between Harrell and Sabonis.

7:06pm: Both teams have gone a perfect 4-4 from the field to start the game

7:03pm: Rui chooses the Lakers while Mitchell goes with the Brooklyn Nets as the game starts.

7:00pm: Harrell easily advances to the second round with a 22 point win over Sabonis. 73-51 was the final score. 4th seed Donovan Mitchell and 13th seed Rui Hachimura are up next.

6:46pm: Sabonis: “I hate this game” 😂😂😂

6:45pm: Trezz is dominating and hyping up himself. Sabonis has given up already.

6:43pm: 4th quarter has started

6:38pm: Harrell with the buzzer-beating block to maintain a 15-point lead at the end of the 3rd. 50-35 Clippers

6:36pm: Game is basically over with Harrell up 16 with 1:12 left in the 3rd quarter

6:33pm: Sabonis using himself in practically every play😂

6:30pm: 3rd quarter has begun

6:24pm: Trez up 30-23 at the end of the first half. Sabonis way better in real life than he is in the game.

6:16pm: Harrell up 14-8 at the end of the first quarter. Sabonis not showing much effort.

6:13pm: Interesting to see that ESPN has changed the broadcast view, making it the normal broadcast view for an NBA game. A change from the 2K view they were using on Friday

6:09pm: Both players select the team they play for as Harrell goes with the Clippers and Sabonis goes with the Indiana Pacers

5:57pm: Just 3 minutes left before tipoff between 8th seed Montrezl Harrell and 9th seed Domantas Sabonis

5:16pm: 44 minutes till the first match of Day 2

7:52am: It’s Sunday, Day 2 of the tournament should be starting later today. Just a reminder to keep checking back to this article for live updates. Let’s hope today is more entertaining overall than the first day.

Friday April 3rd, 2020

11:29pm: And this concludes the first day of the NBA 2K Tourney. The day was taken over by the younger generation because of course. There hasn’t been much entertainment as the games got a bit dry with the lack of verbal competitiveness between players. One improvement they could make is by possibly adding in live NBA commentators and not just having the standard commentators in 2K, to make it more interesting. Beverley and Whiteside made it seem somewhat like a real game and brought the trash-talking which is something we’d like to see more of moving forward. Well, we’ll see you again on Sunday. We’ll be updating this article then as well. Have a good night and Stay Safe!

11:28pm: Beverley Wins in a lopsided match. 84-54 Final Score

11:20pm: Pat Bev leads leads by 31 points heading into the fourth, winning 69-38. Damn, looks like every player who plays with the Bucks secures the dub… but who will they play with in future rounds?

11:11pm: We’re finally seeing some of the trash-talking that we anticipated between these two. Easily, the most entertaining game of the night. Beverley still leading by a large margin with a just a couple minutes remaining in the 3rd quarter.

11:00pm: Beverley is HYPED

10:56pm: Patrick Beverley up 21 points at half leading Whiteside 47-26. This is the second consecutive game that’s looking like it’s about to turn into a blowout.

10:46pm: Then again they’re on live national television so they wouldn’t want to let a swear word slip. Beverley showing he can really play.

10:44pm: First Quarter done in the final game of the night. Pat Bev leading 24-18. He seems really locked in as we haven’t heard the trash-talking we expected.

10:37pm: Interesting to note that the Bucks have been chosen 3 out of the 4 games today. The first two players controlling them were victorious. Will the trend continue?

10:34pm: Next game up is Patrick Beverley up against Hassan Whiteside. Should be an interesting match with both of them being heavy trash-talkers. Beverley chooses the Bucks and Whiteside goes with the Lakers.

10:33pm: Young guns are up 3-0 so far in the first round of this tourney

10:30pm: Random but not really random thought… HOW IN THE WORLD DID TRAE PUT UP 100 POINTS IN A 6-MINUTE QUARTER GAME. Unbelievable… and he said he doesn’t play 2K

10:28pm: Trae wins by a blowout against Barnes, possibly ending his 2K career (Yes, it was that bad). Trae won by a margin of 42 points to advance to the second round. The final score was 101-59.

10:11pm: Trae up by 30 with another more than a quarter left to play. How he doing this with only 6-minute quarters??? They got to include a mercy rule or something and move on to the next matchup

9:56pm: Trae is dominating are half, leading Barnes 44-25 at half. I don’t see any way for Barnes to make a comeback in this one. It’s Trae’s game to lose.

9:36pm: Harrison Barnes says that they raised the level to Hall of Fame for a challenge. What difficulty were the other players playing on?

9:34pm: Trae Young picks the Milwaukee Bucks and Barnes chooses to play with the Toronto Raptors. The game has started.

9:33pm: Next up is the 2-seed Trae Young up against the 15th seed Harrison Barnes

9:29pm: Deandre Ayton moves pst Zach Lavine advancing to the second round. He beat Lavine by a score of 57-41

9:21pm: Ayton still leading with a few minutes left in the 4th quarter

9:02pm: Ayton up big on Lavine at the half. Can Lavine make a comeback?

8:35pm: The second game of the tourney starts

8:35pm: Deandre Ayton goes with the Houston Rockets while Zach Lavine rocks with the Miami Heat in their first-round matchup

8:29pm: In the second matchup of the night, Zach Lavine faces off against Deandre Ayton on ESPN 2

8:27pm: GAME OVER. Derrick Jones Jr moves past the first round defeating the #1 seed, Kevin Durant by a score of 78-62. KD was destroyed from the outside on the 3-point line. Jones used the Milwaukee Bucks while Durant used the Los Angeles Clippers.

8:15pm: Final Quarter of the game has started

8:12pm: Third Quarter ends with Jones destroying Kevin Durant by a score of 59-44

8:02pm: Third Quarter has begun

8:02pm: Pat Bev Starting Beef with Whiteside ahead of his first-round matchup 👀

7:53pm: The first half ends with Derrick Jones Jr and the Bucks roaring back to take the 35-31 lead.

7:44pm: Second Quarter commences

7:40pm: First Quarter Ends with Durant’s Clippers leading 17-14 over Jones’ Bucks

7:33pm: Game Starts! Kevin Durant plays as the LA Clippers and Derrick Jones chooses Giannis and the Bucks

7:20pm: KD and DJJ are set to start in 10 minutes

6:00pm: The first match between Kevin Durant and Derrick Jones Jr starts at 7:30pm, so buckle up and enjoy the ride.


The NBA 2K Players Tournament will feature 16 current NBA players in a bracket-style tournament that will run from Friday to April 11 and be televised on ESPN and ESPN2.

Players are given the option to choose their own team. They cannot use the same team again in the tournament if they move on. Games are 6-minute quarters.

The first two rounds will be single elimination while the semis and finals will be best-of-three games.

The winner will receive $100,000, which will be donated to a charity of his choice to support ongoing COVID-19 relief efforts.

How to watch:

The NBA 2K20 Player Tournament will begin on Friday, April 3 with a half-hour preshow at 7 p.m. ET on ESPN. The tournament will continue on ESPN until 8:30 p.m. and then will transition to ESPN2 until 11:30 p.m. They will also be streaming on NBA’s social platforms such as YouTube Live, Twitch, Twitter and Facebook.

The tournament will continue on Sunday, April 5, from 6-10 p.m. ET. The quarterfinals will be on Tuesday, April 7, from 7-11 p.m. ET. And the semifinals and finals will be on Saturday, April 11th starting @5pm ET


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