Why the Phoenix Suns Need to do Whatever it Takes to Draft Lamelo Ball or Killian Hayes:


It is no secret that the Phoenix Suns have been one of the most irrelevant teams in the league since before Devin Booker got drafted there. They haven’t made the playoffs since 2010 and haven’t won 30+ games since the 2014-15 season when they won 39 games. It’s time for Phoenix to take the next step before Devin Booker wants out. Here are reasons why grabbing a Lamelo Ball or Killian Hayes would be huge for Phoenix:

They would take the offensive load off of Devin Booker:

The Suns have never had a point guard that can effectively create offense for both himself or others since Eric Bledsoe got traded to the Bucks two seasons ago. Fortunately, both Hayes and Ball are capable of doing that. Both are praised for their really good vision but have also been able to score from all three levels. This is important because this puts some pressure off Devin Booker so he has the luxury to be himself and not have to be everything for that Phoenix offense.


The West is getting better:

Yes, the Lakers, Rockets, Clippers, Nuggets, and Jazz will all be good. But also, the Warriors will be back. The Pelicans will be able to start the season with Zion Williamson. The Thunder, Blazers, and Memphis all should be interesting. Not to mention, his buddies… D’Angelo Russell and Karl-Anthony Towns have some talent on their roster plus a high-lottery pick coming their way. Due to this, the Suns need to keep aggressively adding young talent to their team that fits so they remain caught up with the rest of the West short and long-term. Adding Ball or Hayes has them stacked up pretty well with the rest of the young teams in the West which keeps them in the mix.

This shows Devin Booker they are committed to getting better:

This is easily the most important reason on this list. The Suns have made many mistakes since drafting Booker. They drafted Josh Jackson and Dragan Bender each fourth overall… busts. They also passed on Luka Doncic and now Dallas is a legit playoff team. Devin Booker certainly understands that these mistakes are huge reasons why the Suns have remained stagnant for the past decade. If the Suns stay at around 11 and decide to trade up for a Lamelo Ball or Killian Hayes… that would show Devin Booker that the Suns are committed to adding high-end talent that compliments him at all costs. That commitment to get better would do wonders for the trust Booker has for the Suns.. likely keeping him in Phoenix for the foreseeable future.


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