Twitter has been interesting this week… To say the least

With every player in the NBA on quarantine in their homes due to the coronavirus, the only things they’ve had to entertain themselves are video games, and social media, and it seems Twitter has been the go to place.

There are a lot of mixed emotions on social media, and specifically Twitter. Players have had a lot to say over the past couple of days…

In most recent news, CJ Mccollum got in a comical dispute with a troll, of course on Twitter.

Rudy Gobert gave us yet another update on his COVID-19 situation, explaining some of the side effects that has come in addition.

Harrison Barnes replied to an interesting tweet…

Former NBA star Chris Bosh gave us a little reminder to keep washing our hands, and even provided a full-length tutorial.

Lastly we witnessed a rather disturbing sight on Jamal Murray’s Instagram story.

Murray spoke on how hacker’s breached his account, and issued a formal apology via Twitter.

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