De’Aaron Fox Call out NBA 2K As a ‘Trash Game’

Sacramento Kings Point Guard De’Aaron Fox called out NBA 2K on Twitter. De’Aaron had been keeping himself occupied during the Coronacation by Twitch streaming himself playing video games. During his streams, countless fans have been asking him to stream himself playing NBA 2K, to which he said that 2K ‘is a trash game. That’s why we don’t stream it.”


He later tweeted that he is ‘still nice at it but even the people that get paid to play it don’t like it.’ He gave one complaint about the game saying he’d ‘never seen that many outlet passes go into the 12th row in my life.’

Fox, along with Donovan Mitchell and Josh Hart have been keeping themselves occupied streaming themselves play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. They seem to know what they’re doing on this break.

There is still no timetable for when the NBA is set to return or if it is set to return. If you miss your favorite basketball players, you can De’Aaron Fox’s Twitch right here.


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