LeBron James is Being Sued For Posting a Picture Of……. Himself


Yeah. You read this right. The King is being sued for $150K for posting a picture of him on Instagram. 

The photographer, Steven Mitchell, claims that him posting the photo is not allowed under the Copyright Act. He is essentially claiming that LeBron did not have the rights to the picture of himself and that he (Steve) owned the picture, using this statement: 

“This action arises out of Defendant’s unauthorized reproduction and public display of a copyrighted photograph of NBA basketball player Lebron James during a basketball game against the Miami Heat, owned and registered by Mitchell, a professional photographer.”


The photographer claims that since photographing is his job, he has the right to the picture and that LeBron posting it gets in the way of his work. Mitchell wants to be compensated for the fact that his picture is now public to everyone without anyone paying for it, being how he makes a living.

It is unclear whether or not LeBron will actually have to pay as the picture is of himself and whether or not they have a right to post a picture of themselves is unclear sometimes. We will wait and see if LeBron will have to pay what is probably just pennies to him.


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