This May Go Down as the Stupidest Moment in NBA History:


We all know about that cursed Jazz-Thunder game. Just before that game took place, the NBA postponed it and later told Adrian Wojnarowski reported that the Rudy Gobert had tested positive for Covid-19 and that the NBA season was suspended. The worst news in the basketball world since the death of Kobe Bryant just one month ago. 

As everyone knows, we all need to be extremely careful to not get infected with the Coronavirus. This means not touching people or things unnecessarily. Donovan Mitchell knew how important that was as when a fan asked Mitchell if they could shoot the ball he said: “Y’all can’t touch it, (the ball) y’all might have the virus.”

As it turns out, Mitchell did those fans a huge favor has he himself later tested positive for the virus. So, Mitchell knew the dangers of spreading Covid-19 but did Rudy Gobert understand?


A clue: No.

Rudy Gobert was sitting in a press conference before the game when he did this to show that the Coronavirus was no big deal:

Well, that same day he’d test positive for it, meaning that all of the microphones in the room may be contaminated with the virus. Although he couldn’t have known that he had it assuming that he felt fine, why on earth would you risk that? Everyone knows the virus can remain dormant in one’s body for two weeks before any symptoms show so why would you risk that just to prove a point?

Mitchell and several other Jazz players are reportedly furious with Gobert for not being careful. His actions at the press conference clearly prove that point. 

Everything will be fine eventually. No real harm will be done to Mitchell or anyone else, but this may be a lesson to Gobert to always be more careful. He will have to see those memes every day for the rest of his life.


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