NCAA Conference Tournaments Cancel Amid Coronavirus


Just one day after the NBA and NBA G-League suspended their season, the NCAA follows suit. The major Conferences in the NCAA all canceled their Conference Tournaments for the safety of their players.

The Big East Conference recently announced that they will cancel the rest of their tournament, being one of the last Conferences to do so. The Big 10, ACC, Big 12, PAC 12, SEC, WAC, MAC, and AAC have all called off their Tournaments.

There have been no reports of the NCAA canceling the main NCAA tournament, but the NCAA has announced that they will not be playing games with any fans. Only family members and important personnel will be allowed to attend the March Madness.


Along with the NCAA’s cancellations, the MLS and NHL have both suspended their seasons. The only remaining league that is currently active in the MLB, which is in Spring Training. No reports have come out yet on what the MLB plans to do.

It’s very likely that despite Covid-19, March Madness will still play out. The tournament and bracket challenge are the most profitable ventures for the NCAA and unless multiple college players end up testing positive, March Madness should proceed as planned.

Selection Sunday is still scheduled for 6:00 P.M. on Sunday, so for any of you basketball fans that fear they may not see basketball again this year, fear not. Basketball will return for the NCAA barring future cases.


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