National Basketball League of Canada Suspends All League Operations


The NBLC (National Basketball League of Canada) has suspended all league games and operations today until further notice as a result of the growing concern of the spread of COVID-19 or better known as the coronavirus.

League officials have said that they will continue to monitor all situations that affect the league very closely to keep the players and workers as safe as possible from the virus.

This is just another league that has cancelled their season until further notice, joining other major North American leagues such as the MLS (Major League Soccer), NHL (National Hockey League), the NBA (National Basketball Association) and many others.


This is certainly the right move as the global pandemic has been spreading at an exponential rate and symptoms are undetected until 2-14 days after the infection is contracted. This can lead to a further spread of the virus, endangering everyone. 

There is a possibility for the league to resume if the virus is somehow contained which seems unlikely in the near future.


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