Donovan Mitchell Tests Positive For Coronavirus


One day after the Utah Jazz’s Rudy Gobert put the NBA into a frenzy, their other superstar, Donovan Mitchell has also just tested positive for Covid-19.

Besides Mitchell, however, the rest of the Jazz team and staff did test negative. With that being the case, Gobert, Mitchell, and Mudiay will go into quarantine while the rest of the Jazz team is good to go.

Covid-19 does not affect young, healthy people too badly so there is absolutely no need to worry about Mitchell, Gobert, Mudiay, or anyone else as long as they don’t have any underlying issues.


The NBA can breathe a sigh of relief as this shows that the Coronavirus, although contagious, is not too contagious. With the rest of the team and staff safe, that indicates a likelihood that the chances of other teams obtaining the disease are very low.

The NBA should be fine in a few long weeks barring further spread outside of the teams already self-quarantined. Until then, we will see how the spread of the virus affects the NBA.


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