Ngakoue expresses opinion publicly on franchise tag


The Jacksonville Jaguars have recently franchised tag defensive end Yannick Ngakoue who was in hopes of receiving a big contract heading into free agency. The franchise tag is approximately worth $19.3 million for 2020. Ngakoue publicly expressed via Twitter that he had no desire to return to Jacksonville and that his time there was over.

The Jaguars are aware I no longer have interest in signing a long term contract in Jacksonville. Duval, I love you and gave you guys everything I got. I’m thankful for the journey and look forward to continuing my career elsewhere

Ngakoue did have contract talks with Jacksonville earlier in the season in hopes of getting a contract similar to quarterback Nick Foles. Ngakoue and Jacksonville failed to reach a new deal resulting in Ngakoue sitting out most of OTAs and mandatory minicamp. Jacksonville would go on to fine Ngakoue a total of $617,300.

Ngakoue has been a key piece to Jacksonville’s defense since he has entered the league. In Ngakoue’s 4 years at Jacksonville, he recorded 37.5 sacks ranking second for Jacksonville all-time sack leader, 14 forced fumbles, 85 quarterback hits, 42 tackles for loss, and 2 interceptions. 


This tag was a chess move by Jacksonville in hopes of trading Ngakoue in the off-season to get something back from him rather than having him walk in the offseason. Ngakoue holds great trade value turning 25 in March. He can have a great impact on a team that desperately needs a pass rusher.


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