Antetokounmpo Brothers Unite?


Recent rumors have been stirring that superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo and his brothers, Thanasis and Kostas, are thinking of teaming up in either Milwaukee or Los Angeles.

Giannis slowly became one of the best players in NBA history after being selected 15th overall by the Bucks in 2013, arguably the best non-lottery pick in history. Giannis, the reigning MVP, had this to say about teaming up with his brothers:

“I’m 100% sure my mom would love that, but if we could team up on a team in Milwaukee, LA, whatever, that’d be awesome.” Per Bleacher Report


It is certainly a possibility. Antetokounmpo has been a family man his entire life. Many have heard the story about Giannis as a rookie:

David Zalubowski/Associated Press

When Giannis was in his first season in the NBA, he had sent all of his money to his struggling family in Greece. He had actually sent all of his money to his family. Because of this, Giannis couldn’t afford a cab to the game, so he actually had to run to the Bucks stadium. He was eventually recognized by a Milwaukee fan and was given a ride the rest of the way.

Giannis has many other touching stories like this one. It just proves that Giannis is a great human being, and he prioritizes his family. Giannis would reportedly be more than happy to team up with both of his brothers in the near future.

Patrick Semansky/AP Photo

Thanasis had been drafted by the Delaware 87ers, a G-League team, with the ninth overall pick in the then D-League draft. After one season in the D-League, he was drafted 51st overall by the New York Knicks. He mainly played with the Westchester Knicks, thier G-League affiliate, playing only two NBA games in his two years in New York. After those two seasons, he left the NBA and played in the EuroLeague for a while before being picked up by the Bucks this season, teaming him up with his younger brother, Giannis.

Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Kostas has had a much less complicated ride than Thanasis. After playing with the Dayton Flyers in college, Kostas was selected 60th overall by the 76ers, then got traded to Dallas where he signed a Two-Way contract. Kostas only played two games in his rookie season, mainly playing with the Texas Legends, where he showed some promise. He was waived by Dallas, though, after one season and was picked up by the Lakers.

This is where the Antetokounmpos teaming up in either Milwaukee or Los Angeles comes from. The Antetokounmpo trio teaming up would be awesome. It would be great for the NBA as the fans would love a family man, but more importantly, the brotherly bond between all of them will grow and it will show in the locker-room, and on the court. Most importantly, though, it will just make them happier. A huge part of the game is just having fun, and what better way to have fun than playing with your brothers? 

The chances of this happening are quite large. They will likely end up in Milwaukee because there’s two of them there already. Whether it happens in Milwaukee, Los Angeles, or somewhere else, we are all hoping to see this happen in the near future.


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