Lebron James being sued by Non-Profit organization for $33 million


Lakers star Lebron James along with his self-owned media company “UNINTERRUPTED “, is being sued for a total $33 million dollars by a Maryland youth development organization named ”Gameplan”.

James is being sued for the use of the trademarked slogan “I am more than an athlete”. James started using this slogan after Fox News host, Laura Ingraham infamously told James to “shut up and dribble” on national television.

The Non-profit organization ”Gameplan” plans to sue James, as they claim they’ve trademarked the slogan ”I am more than an athlete” on t-shirts. Although Gameplan claims that James stole the slogan from their organization, James has a clear case to make that it was clearly unintentional.


Although it looks as if Gameplan looks to target Lebron James, Nike and ESPN will also be a part of the lawsuit.


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