Beilein, Cavaliers Agree to Part Ways


Just ⅔ of a season into his 5-year contract, John Beilein has stepped down from Head Coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Beilein never really seemed to click with the Cavaliers team. First, there was the Kevin Love outburst. Many of the players were complaining that he was too keen on fundamentals. Then there was the “thugs” incident.

It was just a disaster all year for both sides. Although Beilein had time to build the chemistry, it didn’t seem like he was meant to be an NBA coach. 


At the University of Michigan, Coach Beilein was considered one of the best in the business. He was great with the college kids and brought Michigan to the NCAA Finals twice. His tenure in Michigan was legendary and Beilein is considered to arguably be the best coach in Michigan history.

He had almost taken a job with the Detroit Pistons the year prior, but decided to stay at Michigan one more year, where they lost in the second round. He then surprised a lot of fans by signing with Cleveland.

Just five months into his tenure in Cleveland, it’s all over. Beilein will more than likely find a job as an NCAA coach again quite soon, but it’s surprising that he stepped down after just one season. Beilein is a college coach, and he will likely finish his career a college coach. His time in Cleveland doesn’t do the man justice, and he will prove it when he’s back in the NCAA, leading these underrated teams to the Final Four once again.


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