Jeff Green Signs an Exhibit 10 Contract With Houston


Swing Forward, Jeff Green has agreed to an Exhibit 10 Contract with the Houston Rockets. And Exhibit 10 Contract means that Jeff Green will be on the roster for ten days, and the Rockets will see how he does in the small sample size, and if he impresses, then the Rockets will sign him for the rest of the season.

Green fits Houston’s mold of having forwards play the 3, 4, and 5 for the majority of the game. Green will likely get some time at Center when PJ Tucker gets tired as he is 6’8. Green has been a solid role player for his entire career, and this year, he has averaged 7.8 points on 38.5% shooting. Not impressive stats by any means, but he was not in the ideal situation in Utah.

Last year in Washington, Green put up 12.3 points on 47.5% shooting. That was literally last season, so the potential for him to be effective is clearly there. Green is a good player that will really help Houston in the new system.


The Rockets also reportedly have an interest in Demare Carrol. The two of them will perfectly fit Houston’s mold for a forward dominated lineup. Green’s spot on Houston is not guaranteed, but he fits perfectly with the roster and is a good basketball player. Expect Green to stay on the roster and have a big impact in his minutes.


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