Free All-Star Weekend: AT&T Dunk Contest


The moment we’ve all been waiting for…… the NBA Dunk Contest! The most hyped-up event of All-Star Saturday is here! For anyone who missed the amazing contest, look no further than right here to read up on all the action that you missed!

Dwight Howard:

AP Photo/Eric Gay

Dwight Howard went first. Howard went up and attempted a 360 dunk for his first attempt. The man missed his first attempt, but managed to make his second attempt. His second attempt was successful, and he made his turn-around dunk, which earned him a score of 41.


Howard’s second dunk was a Kobe-honoring Superman dunk. He lived up to that Superman name, soaring through the air with the cape. He wore a Superman logo with the number 24 on it. His dunk made him really look like he was flying to the dunk, and he managed to score a 49.

Derrick Jones Jr:

Image via Brian Babineau/Getty

Derrick Jones Jr’s dunk was mad impressive. He had his helper and teammate, Bam Adebayo, join in the fun. Derrick Jones jr’s first dunk was him jumping over the 6’9 Center to slam it into the basket. Like Dwight, he missed his first dunk, but nailed the second one as one of the more impressive dunks of the contest, scoring 45.

Derrick Jones Jr’s second dunk was similar to Aaron Gordon’s but slightly better. Jones did the through the legs dunk, but he did a spin as well. He did a 360 through-the-legs dunk, which may be the prettiest dunk in the contest. His dunk also earned him a 50, and a spot in the finals.

Pat Connaughton

Connaughton’s first dunk was an impressive one as well. He jumped over a bulls fan and nailed the dunk. His dunk was great and earned him a respectable 46 points. Connaughton really showed why he was in the contest, and not just an underdog.

Connaughton’s Second dunk was absolutely amazing. Helped by his good friend Giannis, his dunk earned him a score of 50. He jumped over Giannis, took the ball from Giannis’s hands, and then nailed the dunk. His dunk was a lot more special than that, though. Connaughton actually hit the backboard, and then nailed the dunk. His dunk was a well-deserved 50 that put Candace Parker in awe.

Aaron Gordon

Photo By – USA TODAY Sports

Gordon’s first dunk was the best of the firsts. Gordon did a through-the-legs reverse jam. His dunk was a stroke of pure genius that earned the man a 50. His perfect score will give him a likely berth to the Dunk Contest finals.

Aaron Gordon’s second dunk was absolutely marvelous. He has a man hold the ball for him, and he jumped over him, spun and then sailed past the rim and made a huge dunk. His dunk was actually so powerful that he hurt his own wrist dunking so hard. He earned himself a 50 on that dunk as well and earned a spot in the finals.

Dunk Contest Finals:

Derrick Jones Jr saved his best for last. He managed to hit one of the most impressive dunks in any contest. Jones Jr hit a windmill dunk after jumping over a man and taking the ball out of his hands. Jones’s second final dunk was the best dunk I’ve ever seen in any dunk contest, ever. Jones nailed an alley-oop, between the legs monster jam. That was the best dunk in the history of dunk contests that earned him much more than just a 50. That dunk should’ve had an exception and scored all 11’s on that masterpiece.

Gordon’s final dunk was only something to marvel at. Gordon literally jumped up, turned around, and hook-dunked the ball. He also called up a few Tik-Tok girls to the court and they had a blast, performing in the middle of the court. His dunk earned him a 50 as well, making the finals a tied. Gordon’s second dunk was also absolutely spectacular. There may be an exception, having two best dunks ever in the dunk contest. With the help of Markelle Fults, Gordon nailed and off-the-backboard 360 throwdowns. Gordon now had four 50-point dunks giving him a perfect score. The two incredible dunks put the contest in overtime.

After Gordon’s dunk, Jone did the same one, only through-the-legs instead of a 360. This contest is a back-and-forth of “anything you can do, I can do better,” and it is completely enjoyable to watch. He earned himself another 50 with his incredible slam

Gordon then nailed yet another fantastic jam. He nailed a through-the-legs windmill. Gordon’s slams are just absolutely monstrous and he earned himself his fifth 50. He has not gotten anything less yet this contest and is continuing to make his case for the champion.

Jones’s final dunk of the contest was the least impressive of them. Still unbelievable, but not what the young man was hoping for. He attempted a windmill dunk from the free-throw line, but accidentally took a step in. That one step cost him a point from Parker and Boswin and only scored a 48.

Gordon’s final dunk may be the most iconic ever. Aaron Gordon dunked over, wait for it, TAKO FREAKING FALL!!!!!!!!!! The 7’6 monster became the final prop in the Dunk Contest and the best one ever used. Gordon dunked over the tallest player in the NBA without even touching him! This finals dunk is the best dunk ever seen in a dunk contest, and will remain the most memorable for a very long time. The dunk was reportedly not planned and Tako said: “I was scared for my life!”  Gordon very much deserved the contest championship…… but he didn’t get it. He dunked over a 7’6 person, and did not win. Somehow he only got a 47 and was robbed of yet another dunk contest against the same person. Gordon deserved the victory, but it did go to Jones.

That was the best contest ever seen. Normally the Dunk Contest is a disappointment, but not this year. This year was arguably the best dunk contest in history. All-Star Saturday was a great performance and the Dunk Contest was a better finale than anyone could’ve ever hoped for.


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