All-Star Weekend: MTN Dew 3-PT Competition


Tonight we saw Sacramento Kings Guard, Buddy Hield take home the three point throne after putting up 27 points after overcoming 26 from Wizards forward, Davis Bertans, and Suns guard Devin Booker.

The first round started off with a huge disappointment in a 15 point outing from Hawks Guard, Trae Young who was expected to be one of the finalists in the competition. He was followed by another underwhelming performance in Devonte Graham with only 18.

Devin Booker did what he does best, and nearly broke his own record in the first round with 27 total points!


Joe Harris the returning champion only managed to sink enough shots for 22 points, while Buddy Hield hit 27, and Davis Bertans went for 26.

Jack Maloney | CBS Sports

Bertans managed to reach the final round, scoring 22 points but it wasn’t good enough as Devin Booker responded with 26.

It looked as if Buddy Hield would need a miracle in order to stop Devin Booker from taking home his second 3-PT trophy but managed to catch fire on the money ball rack and scored 27 points.


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