Predicting the 2020 team USA basketball roster

The 2020 summer Olympic games are right around the corner and the NBA has recently released a 44 player pool for the final 12 man roster for Team USA.

44 man player pool:

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Although there are 44 players chosen to take part in the summer training camp, only 12 can be selected. We now take a look at what we think the best and most ideal roster would be to take home that Tokyo gold.


Lebron James | F | Los Angeles Lakers

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Lebron James is without a doubt, a must-have on team USA. Although in his 17th season, James has not shown any signs of slowing down. The Lakers hold the top seed in the western conference with a record of 41-12, and Lebron is averaging a league-leading and not to mention career-high in assists (10.8).

25.0 PPG | 7.8 RPG | 10.8 APG | 48.9 FG%

Stephen Curry | G | Golden State Warriors

Despite the three month layoff, Steph Curry no doubt deserves to be on the 2020 roster. The 2 time MVP and multiple time all-star has built an amazing resume. Not to mention, he is also a former team USA member. Steph Curry definitely deserves to be the starting point guard for this team.

*2018-19 season stats

27.3 PPG | 5.3 RPG | 5.2 APG | 47.2 FG%

James Harden | G | Houston Rockets

James Harden is averaging a league best 35 points per game and is continuing to show us why he’s one of the best scorers we have ever seen. James Harden is also a former team USA member and also deserves to be on the starting 5 for the 2020 roster.

35.3 PPG | 6.5 RPG | 7.3 APG | 43.7 FG%

Kawhi Leonard | F | Los Angeles Clippers

Vaughn Ridley | Getty Images

Kawhi Leonard has established himself as the best two-way player in the league over the past couple of seasons. After leading the Raptors last season to an improbable championship run, he is at the top of his game and is continuing to build on a Hall of Fame resume. Despite the Clippers recent inconsistencies, Kawhi is still without a doubt one of the best players on the planet.

27.2 PPG | 7.5 RPG | 5.3 APG | 46.3 FG%

Anthony Davis | F | Los Angeles Lakers

Anthony Davis has led the Lakers to the number one record in the west alongside Lebron James. Anthony Davis is no stranger to the Olympics as he was selected in his rookie season in 2012 a well as 2016. Anthony Davis no doubt deserves to be on the 2020 US Olympic roster.

26.6 PTS | 9.2 RPG | 3.3 APG | 51.9 FG%

Kevin Durant | F | Brooklyn Nets

Similar to Steph Curry, Kevin Durant is also injured. Although KD’s injury is much worse, as he recovers from a ruptured Achilles suffered in last season’s finals. His overall career resume and how well he performed last year is deserving of a spot on the 2020 roster.

26.0 PPG | 6.4 RPG | 5.9 APG | 52.1 FG%

Damian Lillard | G | Portland Trailblazers

Garrett Ellwood | Getty Images

Damian Lillard is in the prime of his career putting up career highs in nearly every category, making the all-star game again this season. Lillard has been having an amazing year and he is very deserving of a a spot on this 12 man roster.

29.5 PPG | 4.4 RPG | 7.9 APG | 46.0 FG%

Russell Westbrook | G | Houston Rockets

The former MVP, the man who’s averaged a triple double for back to back seasons for the first time since Oscar Robertson back in the 60’s, Russell Westbrook is still one of the most competitive players in the league and team USA will love to have his fierce competitiveness and skills in Tokyo.

27.2 PPG | 8.0 RPG | 7.2 APG | 46.3 FG%

Kyrie Irving | G | Brooklyn Nets

Kyrie Irving has also been injured majority of the year but the time he has been on the court shows us he’s still one of the flashiest and most skilled players in the league. Kyrie has already made his Olympic mark in the 2016 games, but he is still one of our countries premier players and is very deserving of this great honor.

Klay Thompson | G | Golden State Warriors

Alex Goodlett | Associated Press

Klay Thompson is another player who’s already made his Olympic debut, and also happens to be injured, but he has been such a strong important piecs in the Warriors dynasty and is one of the leagues best shooters of all time. Team USA would gladly have him come off the bench and give them that offensive spark.

21.5 PPG | 3.8 RPG | 2.4 APG | 46.7 FG%

Jimmy Butler, F Miami Heat

Jimmy played on the 2016 Olympic team and is still worthy of playing now. He has helped turn the Heat around and has made them a legit threat in the East. Butler is still an all-star in this league and would be a great player to add to the roster to provide a two-way presence off the bench.

Devin Booker, G Phoenix Suns

The 23 year old is averaging career highs across the board. It would be great for team USA to have another player who can take over the game, come off the bench and help them whenever they need it. Even though Booker’s talent often goes unappreciated at times, this would make up for it all for Mr.70.

26.4 PPG | 4.2 RPG | 6.3 APG | 49.6 FG%


  • G | Steph Curry
  • G | James Harden
  • F | Lebron James
  • F | Kawhi Leonard
  • F | Anthony Davis

This team is solely made up of the best players eligible for this team. There are a lot of guards and forwards and no true centers but that won’t be a problem since Davis can play the 5 and even Lebron or KD could slide on down and play down low. This team has immense fire power of the bench and is just a greatly balanced team that even with its lack in height, they make up for that with their pesky defenders and insane offensive ability.


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