Darren Collison to Stay Retired


Yesterday, Woj came out with the unfortunate news that the 10-year veteran will stay retired after considering joining the Laker or Clippers, both of whom could really use some depth at the Point Guard.

Rumors speculated that Collison was going to join the Lakers after he was spotted at a Lakers game. Collison denied that speculation saying that he went just to watch a game, and it turned out he was not lying.

Collison was considered the most desired free agent remaining post-trade deadline. The Lakers and Clippers were both going after him in the hopes of getting an edge over the other team. 


The Lakers lack a good backup Point Guard to LeBron James, having a 33 year-old Rajon Rondo playing the bulk of backup minutes. The Clippers could use Collison to play with Williams in the backcourt to make arguably the most dangerous back-up backcourt duo in the NBA.

We will never know how Collison would’ve affected a team. We can only use our imaginations to see how one of the most consistent Point Guards would help bolster a team’s bench to make a big leap in the NBA.


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