Romeo Langford: “I Forgot I Could be Traded” 😂😂

Boston rookie Romeo Langford gave his statement on the Trade Deadline, and it’s not what most statements are like. The 14th pick in the 2019 draft stated that he forgot that he was allowed to be traded. His full statement was:

“I forgot that people could be traded. Thinking like college. If you’re there, you just stay there. To be honest, I forgot I could be traded.” via Tom Westerholm /

Romeo Langford said that this is why he was not fretting about the Trade Deadline. Because he thought that it wasn’t allowed!😅NBA rookie are something else.


Langford has been having a disappointing season in both the NBA and G-League, so there were rumors that Romeo Langford could be traded in a deal surrounding Boston getting a better Center.

This didn’t phase Romeo as, in his mind, it couldn’t happen. It’s not allowed, so why worry? He is still in a College Basketball mindset for the business side of things apparently, but don’t worry, Langford is well aware of the NBA’s trade policy now. 🤣🤣


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