Drama in Memphis: The Grizzlies against Iguodala


Earlier this season it was announced that Grizzlies forward Andre Iguodala will sit out the rest of the season if Memphis fails to find a trade partner. Dillon Brooks was asked about Iguodala in a press conference and did not want anything to do with him, even stating that he “wants him to be traded”. Teammate Ja Morant quickly took to twitter retweeting Dillon Brooks comments immediately taking his side. Steph Curry then joined the boiling madness posting a picture of Andre Iguodala with their finals trophy on his Instagram story. The drama has carried on, and it seems clear that the Grizzlies want nothing to do with the 36 year old small forward.

Andre Iguodala has not appeared in a game this season with the Grizzlies, and it doesn’t look like he ever will. The Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers emerged as early year candidates to land Iguodala in hopes to make a finals push, but now that it looks as if he’s sitting out all season, we very well could see a reunion in the bay.

After news broke out about Andre Iguodala, the drama would start as Dillon Brooks would have some words for him at their post game press conference.


I can’t wait til we find a way to trade him so we can play him and show him really what Memphis is about

Ja Morant would retweet Dillon Brooks comment on twitter immediately taking his teammates side.

Ja Morant would go on an all out twitter tirade calling out Andre Iguodala, along with former teammate of Iguodala Stephen Curry. Morant would State that he intended no disrespect towards either of the players, and that he still respects their games, but will not stand for any disrespect towards himself nor his teammates.

The Grizzlies roster appears to be very upset and disrespected by Andre Iguodala and his non interest to play for the Grizzlies.


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