Super Bowl 54 In A Nutshell


We wrap up super bowl 54 with a Chiefs victory over the 49’ers. Prior to last night’s game the Chiefs had not won a super bowl since the 1969 season. Despite the drought, Patrick Mahomes along with Travis Kelce, Damien Williams, Tyreek Hill, Sammy Watkins, and other notable names on the roster managed to snap this streak and grabbed the Chiefs first super bowl win in over 50 seasons. Although Patrick Mahomes didn’t look like the same quarterback we saw in the AFC championship, he came up big completing passes in crunch time to seal the win for the Chiefs.

Charlie Neibergall, Associated Press

The Chiefs came up big defeating the San Francisco 49’ers last night however, it did not come easy. The Chiefs started off slow, well at least slower than usual scoring only 10 points in the first half off a Mahomes touchdown run and a field goal, which would bring them into halftime tied at 10. The Chiefs looked ran down by the Niners defense as they posted only slightly over 100 yards passing by halftime. The Niners looked great, with Jimmy Garoppolo completing over 80% of his passes in the first half, and the defense holding the Chiefs to only 10 points heading into the second half.


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The Chiefs came out and looked rather disappointing much like the first half, not putting up points, and allowing the Niners to put up 10 unanswered points to now give them a double digit lead. Patrick Mahomes was never counted out, but it wasn’t looking great especially for the Chiefs crumbling offense. The Chiefs would head into the fourth quarter trailing 20-10, with many writing off the Chiefs already due to their lack of aggression and offensive struggles. With nearly 6 minutes left in the fourth, Patrick Mahomes would connect on a touchdown with Travis Kelce to pull the Chiefs within only three points.

The Chiefs would get the ball back thanks to a huge stop from the defense. This would put the ball back in Patrick Mahomes hands where he would have a chance to take the lead and put the Niners in a tough position. Mahomes would do just that, taking his offense down the field and topping it off with a touchdown run by running back Damien Williams. The Chiefs would put themselves up by 4 points putting Garoppolo and the Niners offense in a very tough position with a little more than two minutes remaining. Jimmy would start off this drive with a couple of completed passes as well as a big run by Raheem Mostert. However Garoppolo would throw three straight incomplete passes where he would be put in a due or die situation on 4th and 10. The Chiefs defense would slip through and get the sack pretty much putting the game out of reach for the Niners.

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The game would be sealed by Damien Williams with an unbelievable 38 yard touchdown putting the Chiefs up 31-20, giving the Niners the ball back with a little over a minute left in the fourth. Garoppolo looked to put his team in a better situation possibly scoring a quick touchdown, but his efforts fell short with a late interception by Kendall Fuller putting the nail in the coffin and earning the Chiefs their first super bowl victory in 50 years.

Patrick Mahomes would be named the super bowl most valuable player despite his two interceptions, and underwhelming 61% completion percentage. Although on paper Mahomes did not have the best of games, he was the driving force in the second half keeping the Chiefs in the game and leading them to victory.


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