Donald Trump Congratulates the Wrong State After Kansas City’s Super Bowl


After Kansas City’s comeback victory in the Super Bowl, Donald Trump tweeted out his congratulations:

Donald Trump was clearly impressed with the Chiefs as they made a ten-point comeback in about six minutes. It was one of the most exciting Super Bowls to date, with one of the best halftime performances as well. The excitement of it all was very well stated in his tweet. There was, however, one issue with his tweet: Kansas City is in Missouri. Not Kansas. Donald Trump had congratulated the wrong state:) 

Donald Trump did eventually come to the astonishing realization that Kansas City is in fact, not in Kansas. He did delete that tweet and posted a much more accurate one:


To be fair to the president, why isn’t Kansas City in Kansas. Seriously, why is Kansas CIty in Missouri? Why isn’t it called Missouri City? For whatever reason, Kansas City is in Missouri and most people know that. Trump is now one of those people as he learned a very useful geography lesson on this year’s Super Bowl.

Congratulations to the state of Kansas on their Super Bowl!


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