Derrick Rose an All-Star? 11 Straight 20+ Point Games


Image: Detroit Pistons guard Derrick Rose dribbles against the Philadelphia 76ers during the first quarter of a preseason game Tuesday, Oct. 15, 2019, in Philadelphia. (Photo: Bill Streicher, USA TODAY Sports) Via: Detroit Free Press

Yesterday, January 24th, Derrick Rose managed to set a new longest streak for most 20+ points= games in a row. With 8:58 in the fourth quarter, Derrick Rose made a new streak with eleven straight games. Derrick Rose has been having his best season since his MVP season in Detroit and this milestone perfectly sums it up.

Rose has been Detroit’s best scorer on the team all season. Even when he was coming off the bench, he’s a great player in every role that Detroit asks of him. Derrick has been a key player for the Pistons offense and is one of the few bright spots for the team. His 22 points in the loss to Memphis made him a new streak that could continue for many more games. He has finally received a starting role in Detroit, something they should’ve done a while ago and he has not scored less than 20 in any of those games.


This season, Rose is averaging 18.5 points and 5.9 assists. He is putting up his best statistical season since his MVP season and is making a case for the all-star game. Many do not think that Derrick Rose is deserving of an all-star appearance this year. If that is true, then Trae Young does not belong in the starting lineup. Just saying. Rose has been shooting on incredible efficiency at 49.7% and 54.3% on two-point shots. Rose has also been averaging his best per-36 minute stats of his career.

Yes, his career.

Including his 2010-2011 campaign. Remember, that his 18.5 points is only on 26.2 minutes per game. His per-36 stats show him at 25.4 points per game and 8.2 assists. His MVP year per-36 stats were 24.1 and 7.4. Obviously Rose isn’t as good as his MVP self back in 2011, but you don’t need to be an MVP to make the all-star game. He is showing at least 70% of his MVP self and 70% of MVP Rose belongs in the all-star game.

Relive some standout plays from Derrick Rose in his Kia MVP season.

Rose received a lot of fan votes and ranked in the top ten in both media and player voting for guards. He is clearly a fan-favorite among the entire NBA. Also keep in mind that the all-star game is being held in his home-town city of Chicago. The all-star break is about entertainment right? Well, what’s more entertaining that Chicago’s basketball hero (not named Michael Jordan) making his first return to an all-star game to be the one in Chicago. He has the stats and the voting to be an all-star this year and it will be a snub if he does not get a spot on the roster.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports
Via: Detroit Bad Boys

Rose has been making amazing things happen in his season in Detroit. His new 11-game streak of 20+ points is absolutely incredible. Rose (barring injury) will continue to impress the NBA with the Pistons, unless he gets traded. He has been having one hell of a season and there’s still a lot of season to go. Rose may even be able to help Detroit with a playoff push when the team is healthy again———

I’m sorry, did you say “playoff push?” The Detroit Pistons making a playoff push?

Yep. Despite Detroit being 17-29 this season, they actually are just 2.5 games away from the 8th placed Brooklyn Nets. They are also just four games out of the 7th seed that is currently being held by the Orlando Magic. To clarify, the East is just bad, the Pistons aren’t good, but they may be good enough to sneak into the playoffs. Derrick Rose will play a big part in that. He has shown how well he can do under pressure, especially when he shot that game-winner against New Orleans a while ago.

Pistons guard Derrick Rose is expected to participate in the NBA All-Star Weekend skills competition at the United Center next month.
 Mark J. Terrill/AP
Via: Chicago Sun-Times

Rose is a special player that no one can defend. He will continue to dominate offensively regardless of Detroit’s performance. Rose has been carrying this team on his back all season, ironically enough having one of the healthiest seasons on the roster. Rose and the rest of the Pistons will try to make the playoffs this season whether it’s a stupid move or not. That’s just the way Dwayne Casey operates. Rose will do everything he can to help that happen this season.

Roses play has been absolutely stellar. There is not a world in which Rose is not at least considered an all-star. He ranks fourth among Eastern Conference guards and is putting up the same stats (per-36) as the likes of Kemba Walker (24.7 points) and Kyle Lowry (19.4 points). Rose not being an all-star would be a snub. Flat out. Let Rose be an all-star once more!


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