Three Realistic D’Angelo Russell Trades


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The D’Angelo Russell trade rumors have been circulating ever since he signed with the Warriors. After this season, Curry and Klay are coming back and there’s not exactly a fit for Russell. Many speculated that Russell was simply acquired to be a trade piece later. He reportedly was ecstatic when he heard that Golden State offered the max, implying that he wouldn’t mind a change of scenery as long as he is getting paid. Countless teams have reported interest in the 23 year-old all-star. He is a great fit in today’s NBA, known as one of the best scorers in the league. Many were skeptical that Russell’s season with Brooklyn was a fluke, but he has proven those people wrong and is showing the potential he has to be an all-nba player. 

Could Aaron Gordon be headed to the Golden State Warriors in the not too distant future? (Nhat V. Meyer/Bay Area News Group) (Photo by MediaNews Group/Bay Area News via Getty Images)
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Golden State will likely move him so that Klay can have his shooting guard spot back and acquire someone who would be a better fit. Here are three trades the Warriors could make with D’Angelo Russell:

  1. Phoenix Suns

Devin Booker is one of the players rumored to team up with D’Lo when they’re free agents. Booker and Russell are good friends, so the chemistry would be there in Phoenix. The Suns would finally get their star point guard to play with Devin Booker. Phoenix would still need help at the four because Dario Saric is not a great player. He’s not bad, but not a starter. They would have an extra roster spot after this trade and could then trade Ty Jerome, another young point guard, and some others in order to grab a power forward to replace Frank Kaminsky.

Golden State gains a solid foundation for the post-Curry era. Curry and Klay are both around 30 years-old. They still have plenty of years left, but father-time will come eventually. When that time comes, Cameron Johnson will be just entering his prime. Cameron Johnson is currently a rookie drafted 11th overall in the draft. He has shown some potential with phoenix, shooting almost 40% from three on 4.4 attempts per game. Frank Kaminsky is only 26 and on a very team-friendly contract. They’d have him locked up for this year and the next and would provide very helpful minutes off the bench. They’d also be acquiring Phoenix’s first-round pick for this year. Those three pieces and the second-round pick would provide a solid foundation for their future.

  1. Minnesota Timberwolves

The most complicated trade of the three, Minnesota’s cap situation made it a lot more difficult than a straight-up trade. This trade benefits the Timberwolves for obvious reasons. They’d get to combine Karl Anthony-Towns and Andrew Wiggins with D’Angelo Russell. Towns is the other player that has been rumored to team up with D’Lo at the end of their contracts. Minnesota is another team that has playoff aspirations that are not meeting up to par. Towns has expressed his frustration with the franchise, only making the playoffs once in the four full seasons he’s played there, and on course to be one of five. The acquisition of D’Angelo Russell would help the T-Wolves make a second-half playoff push. With Russell, they would be a formidable opponent for any team in the west (not in Los Angeles).

Sacramento is just in this trade to swallow cap and take a player off of Golden State’s hands. They also acquire two second-round picks in the process to help them acquire some young assets.

Golden state acquires one of the best two-way players in the league in Robert Covington. He would be the perfect fit when Curry and Klay return. Covington and Draymond would be one of the best defensive duos in the league. The addition of Covington would make bring the Warriors back to one of the most dangerous teams in the League, and possibly all-time. Covington is 29 years old, so he is around the same age as the Warriors three. He’d mesh well with them and they’d begin to slow down at around the same time. When that inevitably happens, Noah Vonleh along with the first-round picks and the second-round pick help the Warriors better prepare for Curry and Thompson’s father time. Their young pieces are essential to avoid several years of misery after Klay and Curry get old.

  1.  New York Knicks

A trade with the Knicks may seem out of the blue, but New York is always desperate for star players. New York has shown time and time again that they are willing to give up assets to acquire a single star. They’d receive their star along with Jacob Evans (yes, we all noticed the pattern of Jacob Evans being thrown into the trades), finally bringing some excitement to Madison Square Garden. New York would then have a core of D’Lo, Barrett, Randle and Robinson, that would definitely be a core worth taking a look at.

On the flip side, Golden State receives a young core for the future. Many may say that this is too much, but New York really has shown that they are willing to take big risks if it means pleasing the fans in the shortrun. New York hasn’t been a real contender this yet this century, so they may actually do this trade. Golden State then receives Kevin Knox and New York’s pick as the main staples of this deal. Kevin Knox hasn’t really gotten the chance he was hoping for in New York and this year’s draft class is looking like one of the weaker ones. Ntilikina would be a nice backup point guard to Curry and Portis is mainly just for salary cap, but is still only 24. All of these players are young and have something to prove. The Golden State Warriors would receive the young players they need for when father time catches up.

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A D’Angelo Russell trade is likely on the horizon. Golden State will likely want to get a good fit with the Splash Brothers. The Warriors dynasty is taking a break, but it may well not be over. It’s just taking a one year pause. If the Warriors front office can suthe warriors with a good small forward or center, Golden State will be very dangerous for years to come.


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