We Now Know What Curry said to Giannis Last Night!

An infamous video (below) has blown up overnight. A short 6 second clip from the TV Broadcast shows Steph Curry talking to Giannis after the Bucks defeated the Curry-less Warriors. The internet has frantically been decoding this short conversation, and internet lip readers have many theories about what exactly Steph Curry said to Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Video of Curry and Giannis chatting after the game. via League Alerts

Initially, many media outlets were indicating that Curry’s lips read “Let’s do it, let’s win one, come on let’s do it”. This got social media trembling. Did Steph Curry just break league rules by tampering, and recruiting Giannis Antetokounmpo to revive the Warriors dynasty? The short answer, is no. According to Chris Haynes, who reached out to Stephen Curry via text message, Steph Curry was merely giving Giannis his gamer tag for an online game known as Players Unknown Battle Ground or “PUBG”. According to Curry, he only wanted Giannis to team up with him on this online game. Curry reportedly told Giannis “come see me on this game, we could team up and do some damage, let’s do it, come on”.


So unfortunately for Warriors fans, it looks like all Curry was doing was getting Giannis to team up with him on an online game. The famous clip apparently shows just the end of that conversation. However, who knows what Curry is going to say to Giannis when they play online protected by the privacy of their homes!!!

Steph Curry seemingly enjoyed all the laughs and mass panic, as he simply tweeted out “Appreciate the laughs this morning” the morning after the game.


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