Beilein shocks Cavaliers, Accidentally Calls Players “Thugs”


Rookie NBA coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers, John Beilein, had quite the slip-up the other day. In a film session, in the teams hotel in Detroit, John Beilein was explaining how he admired his players’ hustle, claiming that they are no longer playing like “thugs.” Beilein reportedly didn’t even notice he said “thugs” until after his coaching staff informed him. Beilein says that he meant to say that they were no longer playing like “slugs” and not thugs. Beilein then personally apologized to all of his players.

Collin Sexton has got his Coach’s back. | Jason Miller/Getty Images
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The players were reportedly “very understanding” of his mistake, however, this slip up came at a bad time. Beilein has had trouble this season gaining respect of the players. Many of the players, like Collin Sexton, do not appreciate how much he has them work on the fundamentals. His recent slip up could make it that much more difficult to grow with his players. 

The media already had eyes on Cleveland’s chemistry situation after Kevin Love’s outburst. Cleveland has been making highlights this month, but in the wrong light. Kevin Love will likely be traded this season as it becomes more and more obvious that the five-time all-star is done with Cleveland.

Cleveland Cavaliers head coach John Beilein, left, talks with Kevin Love in the first half of an NBA preseason basketball game against San Lorenzo, Monday, Oct. 7, 2019, in Cleveland. (AP Photo/Tony Dejak)
Source: Forbes

Kevin Love said about Beilein’s slip-up that he does not believe that the former Michigan coach had ill intent behind what he did.

Many other players appear to agree that this is a one time mistake that will never happen again. Beiliein himself said that he will have to “enunciate better” to avoid this happening again and that they understand that it was an honest mistake.

Beilein has not had the start to his first NBA coaching season that he would hope. Hopefully this was rock bottom for him as  coach this season as he will try to put this incident and the past few weeks behind him and look towards the future.


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