Players That Could Be Traded Before The Trade Deadline


With the trade deadline in a about a month teams are settling into their roles of rebuilding, selling, buying, or contending. Teams are figuring out where they stand on that scale and for the teams that are not contending, they need to start making calls. Many teams are in the buying category which will make for a very exciting trade deadline. Rumors are already getting out and creating suspense for teams and fans. The way the league looks could change so much within the next month, and that is exciting. Teams are going to start wanting to make trades to make deep playoff runs because the league is very open this year. There is no one team to beat. So far this season, we have witnessed that every team is beatable and almost every team can compete once playoffs come around. Once on trade happens it is going to be like a domino effect as other team scramble to play catch up. This season is already shaping up to be one of the best in history, and this trade deadline could secure it as the most exciting.

1) Andre Drummond

The Pistons are a huge bust this year, as they are currently 11th in the East behind the Bulls, Hornets, and Magic. With the Pistons season on the line, they have some decisions to make. They can either break down the team or make a trade to put them on top and to be able to make a playoff push in the East. Surrounding the Pistons are trade rumors involving center Andre Drummond. He is 26 and explosive on the boards. He has proved himself to be the best rebounder in the league, as he continuous to do that this year. Many teams could use them, but the teams in question are the Celtics, Mavericks, Raptors, and Hawks. Reports are saying the Hawks are already on the phone with the Pistons and leading the race with Drummond.


Andre Drummond to the Hawks is a strong possibility. With Alex Len and Damian Jones the only two centers on the roster, and neither of them averaging above 6 rebounds per game, and the Hawks being 29th in the league in RPG, the addition of Andre Drummond to this Hawks team would be season changing. Drummond is averaging 15 RPG which would be a huge addition. The Hawks are also lacking another thing. They do not have a leader on the court. They have veterans such as Jabari Parker and Vince Carter, but they are lacking a real leader. Someone who can go out on the court every night, and put this young team on his shoulders when he has too. That is something that Drummond can do if he has to, and it would really help this Hawks team grow into something special. Even with Drummond’s monstrous contract, the Hawks could make the money work.

Pistons Recieve:

  • Allen Crabbe or Evan Turner
  • Alex Len
  • First Round Pick

Hawks Recieve:

  • Andre Drummond

Luckily for the Hawks they have contracts such as Evan Turner and Allen Crabbe’s who are making $18 million. They are a very young team, so the Hawks having contracts like that make it easier to trade while their young players are still on their rookie contracts. The part about this trade that would make it a no go would have to be Alex Len. After throwing Evan Turner or Allen Crabbe in the trade, the Hawks still have to make up an extra $4 million in cap. If Detroit wanted more, a player such as Cam Reddish would fit that spot as well, but the Hawks may not be willing to give up a young piece.

2) Kevin Love

Rumor is Kevin Love wants out of Cleveland. Well more than rumor, so do videos of him having anger outburts on the Cavs bench or him basically thowing the ball at Cedi Osman after Colin Sexton dribbled out the shot clock before passing it to Love. I do not think anyone blames Love for wanting out of Cleveland. They are bad. They are toed for 14th in the East, with a record of 10-26. They have a rookie coach, very few young players to rebuild with, and a bad front office. Everyone understands why an aging Kevin Love wants out. The only thing holding him in Cleveland right now is his 4-year $120 million contract. So many teams could use Love, but the reports are that teams are hesitant to trade for him with his huge contract. The teams rumored to be looking at him though are the Trailblazers and the Raptors.

Portland Trailblazers

While the problem would not be fixed with Kevin Love, he would not make it worse either. The Blazers are currently last in the league in assists per game which is their biggest problem. Anyways, Kevin Love would come into Portland already averaging a double-double on good efficiency. The main idea of the trade would be centered around Jusuf Nurkic coming back healthy. If he does not come back and play like he was last season then this trade might not help the Blazers at all, as Love does not offer APG and play making.

Cavaliers Recieve:

  • Hassan Whiteside
  • Nassir Little
  • Second Round Pick

Trailblazers Recieve:

  • Kevin Love

While Hassan Whiteside is having a decent season, Jusuf Nurkic is going to return soon and replace him in the starting lineup. Whiteside is also making $27 million a year, which is crazy for a backup center. The Cavaliers are rebuilding, so the key piece in this trade for them would be rookie Nassir Little and a draft pick. Little would immediately go into the rotation, and they get a draft pick to stash for next year. This is a trade the Blazers should consider as having another offensive threat could help boost ball movement and help improve in that aspect, and they also get a player who can go grab 10 boards a night once Whiteside is gone.

3) Demar Derozan

Demar Derozan has been critizised his whole career for not being able to shoot the three. Everyone always says he does not fit in with today’s league and play style which may be true, but what if the teams he has been on just have not been built right for him? Last night against the Bucks, Derozan shot 73.3% from the field and dropped 25 points with just one three. Sure, Derozan’s lack of a three makes is a burden for any team that has him, but having a player like him that can go shoot 50 from the field nightly is always a plus. On this Spurs team Dermar is not surrounded by shooters. The team floating around the trade rumors with him is the Miami Heat.

Miami Heat


Demar to Miami. What a headline. The 26-10 Miami Heat adding one of the best mid range shooters in the game to the roster. It would change how any team has to defend the already deadly team. They could not leave the mid open to guard the three because then Jimmy Butler or Demar are shooting from 15 feet. They could not leave the three open to guard the paint and mid because then Tyler Herro is hitting a three. The Miami Heat have what Demar has never had many of, and that is three point shooters. The best shooter he has ever had was Kyle Lowry, and yes, he is a good shooter. But he was basically the only one Derozan had with Toronto, and it has not got better in San Antonio. With the Heat having Tyler Herro, Kelly Olynyk, Duncan Robinson, and Meyers Leonard, we will get to see a new side of Derozan. He would not have to be the primary scorer with Jimmy Butler there and could finally be the number two player. The problem is his $27 million contract. The Heat are tapped on salary and this is a hard situation where a Miami rotational player with have to go. Goran Dragic would have to be included along with another high salary Miami Heat player. Depending on the asking price from San Antonio that player could be Justice Winslow or even Meyers Leonard.

Spurs Receive:

  • Goran Dragic
  • Justice Winslow
  • First Round Pick

Heat Recieve:

  • Demar Derozan

Being able to see Demar in another system, surrounded by shooters would be a beautiful thing to watch. The 26-10 Heat are already a beautiful thing to watch and adding a excellent mid range shooter to the team could make them serious contenders for a title. They are adding another veteran leader to the team, that can help grow the young core with Jimmy Butler. Demar to Miami just seems like a perfect fit and something that could drastically change the playoff picture.


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