Top 10 Point Guards In The NBA


1) Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry is hands down the best point guard in this league, and he is one of the most valuable players in this league. He can take over any game offensively and turn it into his personal shoot around. Last season he averaged 27.3 PPG(points per game) on 47% shooting. He did that with Kevin Durant, who averaged 26 PPG, and Klay Thompson, who averaged 21.5 PPG. He will be the primary scorer once again and with Durant in Brooklyn and Klay out with an injury, he will return to his MVP self. In the 2015-16 NBA season, Steph averaged 30.1 PPG and led the Warriors to 73 wins. Stephen Curry can shoot the ball better than anyone in history, and he is an above average finisher at the rim and ball handler. Expect Curry to have another enormous season and lead this Warriors team once again.

2) Kyrie Irving

The most debate in the PG rankings lie within the 2-4 range. People argue for and against Kyrie Irving being this high, but especially going into next season, he will have a career year. Irving is judged for for his early round playoff exit and being a locker room cancer in Boston last season. While the chemistry in Boston was not there, that does not take away form Irving as a player. In the 2019-20 NBA season, Irving is where he wants to be, in Brooklyn, and playing with who he wants to play with. He was forced to play in Boston, and he did and played out his contract. This season in Brooklyn, he will play even better as an overall player. Last year in Boston, he set a career high in assists, averaging 6.9 assists per game. He set a career high in rebounds, averaging 5 as well. Irving is the best finisher and ball handler in the league, while also being an above average 3 point shooter. Expect Irving to have a monster season and put up incredible numbers especially without Durant due to injury.

3) Damian Lillard

When it comes to Damian Lillard, there is nothing about his game to criticize. He is a fantastic leader, great shooter, great finisher, great handles, and averages a steal per game. He is a top player in the league and time and time again he proves himself and brings the Trailblazers to a high seed in the West. Last season he led them past the Thunder and Nuggets only to lose to the Warriors. During the first two series of the playoffs he showed what he could be and left everything he had on that court. He averaged 28 PPG in the first two series and was the Damian Lillard everyone loved and admired. When he got to the Conference Finals however, he disappeared and left the Blazers without there leader. If he can play like he did against the Thunder and Nuggets all the time, or even half the time, he would be higher on this list.


4) Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook has averaged a triple-double for the past three seasons. Something no one else has ever done, and he makes it look easy. He is a great playmaker, rebounder, and offensive threat. He just isn’t even close to as efficient as he needs to be. He shoots an extremely low three point percentage, at just 29% on 5.6 attempts per game, and his field goal percentage is 42%. For a ball dominant PG, in order for his team to win, he needs to be more efficient shooting. He has the skill to do it, but his shot choices are bad.

5) Ben Simmons

Ben Simmons is an amazing young star in this league. He has been in the league for two years and already has an all-star appearance. Last season he averaged 17, 8, and 9 as a second option for the 76ers behind Joel Embiid. They lead the 76ers team to the playoffs once again, but Simmons vanished against Toronto. He only scored above 15 points once in that series, and scored in single digits twice. He is only a threat on the court if he is within 5 feet of the basket, and he has no other game. He has no jump shot and will not shoot a three. In order for him to become an elite PG in this league, then he needs to develop some sort of shot. With how dominant he is inside, it does not have to be anything more than an average jump shot that defenders respect. It will add a whole new element to his game and will help him evolve in to the elite player he can be.

6) Kemba Walker

Last season, Kemba Walker averaged career highs in points, assists, and rebounds. He put up amazing numbers averaging 26, 6, and 4. He did it on 43% shooting and 36% from three. He is not amazing percentage wise, but he has not had to be. He has been the primary scorer on a horrible Hornets team, so he has just been able to shoot. Last season the Hornets won just 39 games and finished the season as the 9 seed missing the playoffs. Kemba made a business decision and signed with the Celtics this summer. While playing with Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, and Enes Kanter his overall stock as a player and stats are likely to go up. This is his first season having real weapons that he can utilize offensively. Walker is an incredible overall PG, and his player value may rise this season with the Celtics.

7) Trae Young

Trae Young had an insane rookie year last season. The first half of the season he started off slow, but he really put on a show in the second half. After the all-star break Young averaged 24.7 PPG. That alone for a rookie is incredible and almost unheard of. Young is an incredible playmaker as he finished 7th overall in assists averaging 8.1 per game. Trae Young has above average shooting, passing, and handles as a rookie. His sophomore season should be very exciting as he is ready to light up this league. He is on an exciting young team with insane potential, and he is the center piece of it.

8) Mike Conley

Mike Conley is known for his leadership and court vision when he is on the court. He has played his whole career with the Grizzlies, but he was traded to the Jazz this summer. He has dealt with injuries his whole career, but this season he has the opportunity to revamp his career. He is now playing with Donovan Mitchell, Rudy Gobert, and Bojan Bogdanovic. They are all offensive threats on that side of the court, and Donovan Mitchell, Gobert, and Conley himself are defensive stoppers on the other. Last season, he played 70 games and averaged 21.1 PPG and 6.4 APG. This next season, expect his stats to take a jump up as he is playing on a fantastic young Jazz team.

9) De’Aaron Fox

De’Aaron Fox is one of the most explosive and exciting young talents in this league. He is one of the fastest players in the league which makes him fun to watch. Last season he averaged over a steal per game which makes for some explosion. He is also a good 3 point shooter, last season shooting 37.1% from 3. As well as being reliable from 3, he is an excellent playmaker. He averaged over 7 assists last season for the Kings, which is very good for a sophomore PG. He is very good offensively and defensively and still has a lot of room to grow. He is bound to be a star in the league.

10) Kyle Lowry

Kyle Lowry has been a star in this league for years now. Although, he has always been the second option, first Derozan then Leonard, he has always got his name called. He averaged 14 PPG last season as the third option offensively, which is pretty good. He was not needed for scoring on that team, yet he was needed for his playmaking ability, as he averaged 8.7 APG last season. What more could have the Raptors needed out of Lowry? He was a key part of the championship run, and he helped add offensively on and off the ball. He is a reliable 3 point shooter and good finisher at the rim. He lacks skill defensively, but he makes up for it on the other side of the court. Lowry is a good and reliable starting PG in this league and will continue to play his role for the Raptors this season.


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