Delonte West was spotted under a bridge on hwy 635 in Dallas, Texas.


Delonte West, the one and only. Recently denied the facts that he was homeless after a viral picture.

The picture was taken in 2015 :

A few days ago a video of him came out where he was spotted under a bridge on Hwy 635 in Dallas, Texas.


The story behind Delonte West fall down is pretty simple. Delonte West was spending bunch of money on stuff he was not able to buy when he was younger, since he grew up in a poor family. A similar story as Allen Iverson, the only difference is that Allen Iverson had Reebok contract that saved him to end like Delonte West.We all know having bunch of money when you grew up having nothing most of the time ends with excessive spending on useless items. That’s basically what happened with Delonte West.


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