20 September 2020



5 Players You Forgot About Who Could Bounce Back From Injury

Every year, we see plenty of horrendous injuries. Sadly this is the baggage that comes with being a professional basketball player. Quite often, injuries can keep players out of the lineup for multiple seasons or a full year. Today, I want to shine some light on those players, who’ve suffered injury in the recent course of the year. These players are ones who I think could make an epic comeback and shock the world

1- Dejounte Murray

Dejounte Murray was heavily regarded as a MIP player candidate entering the season. Unfortunately, Murray’s supposed breakthrough year was halted by a torn ACL in a preseason game. Murray apparently worked extremely hard last offseason, so it was very sad to see him go down so early in the year. Despite these hardships, Murray has been cleared to return without limitations as of recently. Murray has been working with Tim Duncan and the rest of the Spurs as he looks to redeem himself. Dejounte quite honestly looks really good in his workout videos. It seems if he has lost any athleticism, it certainly hasn’t been much. Dejounte is bouncing, shooting and moving just as good as we was before. Don’t be surprised if Dejounte Murray takes over and becomes the best player on the San Antonio Spurs, and maybe helps them reach a playoff berth in the stacked Western Conference.

2 – Markelle Fultz

The mysterious story of Markelle Fultz is certainly one that will never be forgotten. Fultz was selected #1 overall just 2 years ago. In 2 years, Fultz has only played in 33 games, and watched 131 games from the sidelines. A supposed shoulder injury has kept the hopeful star point guard Fultz sidelined for almost the entirety of his career. Despite only appearing in 20% of possible games, Fultz has shown promise as he continues to improve his broken jump shot. Last year, Fultz famously appeared to have a completely new, wacky shot. Especially evident in his free throws, Fultz had a shaky, hesitant shot that helped him shoot just 53% from the free throw line, and 26% from the three point line. In his latest workout videos, Fultz looks great. Him jumpshot seems to be entirely fixed, and his speed and vertical are virtually untouched. Fultz could be great for the Magic, if he plays this season. No word yet on if the Magic plan on using Fultz, after acquiring him from the 76ers in February.


3 – Kristaps Porzingis

Before a terrible ACL tear, Kristpas Porzingis was looking like he could contend for the MVP title. Porzingis was also averaging a league high 2.4 blocks in 48 games last year, solidifying himself as a DPOTY candidate as well. KP post-injury is now recognized as a solid young PF with potential. I believe he’s much more. Porzingis took a huge step before his injury towards stardom. When he returns, on a much more coherent team, he will certainly thrive tremendously. Porzingis is an elite defender who, along with Doncic could lead the Mavericks to a playoff berth. Porzingis is way more than he’s made out to be, and I truly believe he will be an MVP candidate once again, and be recognized in the same class as Giannis Antetokounmpo and Anthony Davis, as far as young, dominant players who will change the game.

4 – Victor Oladipo

After winning most improved player the year before last, Pacers fans were ready to unleash Victor Oladipo. Sadly a leg injury cut this dream short. Oladipo appeared in 36 games, and quite honestly didn’t play that great in his shortened season. Vic saw a decrease in nearly every single stat, excluding rebounds and assists, where he barely improved. Oladipo wasn’t shooting the ball as well, and finished on a down note. Now, Oladipo has had time to improve his shot, he’s been working extremely hard, and been extremely motivated to bounce back. Victor could return to the new look Pacers and be one of the top shooting guards in the league if used correctly. The new look Pacers will certainly be looking to him, as a shooting team with playmakers and defenders. Look for Oladipo to come back and improve from his most improved player season, and reclaim his status he held, prior to his injury.

5 – John Wall

Just a short time ago, John Wall was considered arguably a top 3 point guard in the league. Following 2 devastating injuries, and questions regarding his commitment, Wall now cannot find himself on any point guard rankings list. Often times players like Derrick White and Emmanuel Mudiay place higher than Wall. This is blasphemous. John Wall is still the fastest and most clutch point guard in the league. Unfortunate injuries have kept him sidelined for quite some time. Wall has maintained his position that he continues to work hard to improve. Obviously it hasn’t been enough to satisfy Wizards fans, who believe John Wall’s contract is the worst contract in NBA history. I strongly believe John Wall will re emerge as an All Star point guard, when he returns to action. Wall is so valuable in that he can score and act as a playmaker. In fact, John Wall is easily one of the best playmakers in the league when healthy, so it’ll be interesting to watch him return to doubters and haters in Washington, and prove them wrong.

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