CEBL – Edmonton Stingers Game Recap: July 20 vs Guelph Nighthawks

The Edmonton Stingers have secured their 6th consecutive win! The Stingers knocked down the struggling Nighthawks 99-84 in a game that came down to speed, turnovers and inside physicality. Let me start by saying, Edmonton played yet another excellent game. It seems the Stingers have the Nighthawks figured out as they secured the third consecutive win over the Nighthawks in the last three games. Despite some new additions to the Nighthawks roster, including Kimbal McKenzie, the Guelph Nighthawks had a hard time getting anything done on the inside. The vast majority of Guelph’s shots came from behind the three point line. This was all led by the incredible defensive tenacity not employed by any single Stinger, but the entirety of the team.

Choosing a player of the game is extremely difficult. One of the most enjoyable aspects of this game was the contributions that came about from every single player who received notable minutes. Scoring for the Stingers was led by none other than fan favorite Xavier Moon. Moon recorded 19 points on 66% shooting. Moon was simply un-guardable. Xavier Moon very easily could have recorded 30+ points, however Moon also took on a playmaker role, and once again shone in the assists column, racking up another double double, with 19 points and 10 assists. But it wasn’t just Xavier Moon’s speed that was showcased tonight, Travis Daniels demonstrated once again why he is one of the best power forward/center’s in the league. Daniels was so strong on the inside, shooting a team high 75%. Daniels also knocked down yet another three, as he continues to show his incredible well roundedness. Another great player for the Stingers was Akeem Ellis, who quite simply couldn’t miss tonight. Ellis infamously knocked down yet another Damian Lillard-esque three pointer, and shot at an extremely efficient 66% from the field.

Contributions came off the bench for the Stingers as well, as Adika Peter-McNeilly dropped 16 points off 60% shooting, including 4/7 from three point range. Another notable performance was Jordan Baker, who dropped 11 points and pulled in an impressive 4 steals on the night. Baker’s return was given a scare when he seemingly suffered a lower body injury, however he took just a few minutes and returned to the game. Overall, it was a great two way game. Edmonton started off relatively sloppy, finding themselves down by 9 at one point, and eventually down 2 into the 2nd quarter. The Stingers turned things around when they entered the second quarter, fueled by Xavier Moon and Adika Peter-Mcneilly going to work. The Stingers kept pulling away, and no matter how many threes the Nighthawks hit late in the game, Edmonton continued to knock down shots. Eventually, the Nighthawks were put to sleep.

What Went Well?

A lot of things went really well for this team. The Stingers did an incredible job stopping some key players on the Nighthawks. Grandy Glaze had Zeke Marshall’s number all night long. The ony 7 footer on the court finished with an unusual 3 points on the entire game, and simply couldn’t get things done inside like he normally does. Mamadou Gueye and Xavier Moon also locked up Connor Wood, who is coming off a 29 point game, where he broke the single game record for three pointer, hitting 9 on the night. The Stingers also shared the ball really well, and never rushed the play. The X-Factor without a doubt was Xavier Moon, who demonstrated once again why he should be considered one of the best players in the league. Moon continues to make his case for an NBA prospect as he takes advantage of his speed and soft touch from anywhere on the court.

What Didn’t Go Well?

Initially, it looked as though the Stingers were a bit rusty from the 11 day gap in between their games. Edmonton was losing the ball over and over. Luckily, Guelph didn’t start off great either, and a battle of turnovers allowed Edmonton to stay in the game until they really lifted off in the second quarter. The Stingers also had some issues with Kimbal McKenzie, who was on the mark in his first game at the Sleeman Center in Guelph. Edmonton couldn’t quite find the right matchup for McKenzie, and often found themselves being outrun in transition, leading to a McKenzie three. Other than these minor areas, Edmonton ran away with a commanding victory, and played 3 great quarters of basketball.

Edmonton takes on Hamilton tomorrow. So tonight the Stingers need to get some rest, and finish the job in Ontario. Make sure you guys tune in at 2 local time tomorrow to watch the now playoff bound (that’s right, Edmonton clinched the playoffs tonight) Stingers, take on the Honey Badgers, as the last spot in Championship rests in their hands.

Thanks for reading, I truly appreciate all that come and view these articles. Let’s go Stingers!

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