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Forgotten Free Agents Who Haven’t Signed Yet! (Part 2)

What an offseason. All the superstar free agents signed, all the bench players have signed, but wait! There’s more. Many don’t realize that there are still so many good options. Today, we’ll be looking at 12 free agents who are still on the market, and where they could go!

Iman Shumpert

Shumpert’s career experienced a revival in his time with the Sacramento Kings. Following a surprising start to his season, Shumpert was traded to the Houston Rockets., where he would see a decreased role. Shumpert ultimately contributed very little to Houston, and now sits on the free agency market. One thing people don’t realize about Iman, is that he is only 28 years old, and has so much winning experience under his belt. Shumpert would be a great pickup for any team looking to add a young/veteran guard to come off the bench and provide championship level mentorship to a younger guard. Teams like the Brooklyn Nets and Phoenix Suns have been brought up as potential landing spots for the 28 year old guard.

Shaun Livingston

Following an emotional waiver process, Shaun Livingston’s legendary career with the Warriors has come to a close. The 14 year vet is still only 33, and is reportedly determined to get back onto a roster for the upcoming season. Livingston has been a great asset off the, helping his team reach the finals 5 times, and winning 3 titles with Golden State. Much like Shumpert, Livingston provides great championship mentorship that would really help a young guard who plays similar to him. Many destinations have been brought up, including Denver, Philadelphia, Boston, LA Clippers and Cleveland. But some sleeper destinations might look like New York, Minnesota or Sacramento.

Justin Holiday

Unlike most players on this list, Justin Holiday is not an aging veteran who could provide leadership to a young team. Holiday is actually entering his prime, and still has so much potential that needs to be tapped. The market is reportedly hot for Holiday, but the wait on his decision seems to be Holiday simply taking the time and weighing his options. A very important career decision awaits the former Grizzlies guard, as he could be looking to get paid by someone who believes in him. Holiday has been steadily improving throughout his NBA career and should be taken very seriously when considering break through candidates. Holiday is reportedly interested in a variety of teams, although returning to Chicago seems very likely, a team like Toronto could be a good fit, especially with the opening of a starting spot now that Danny Green is off to LA.

Lance Stephenson

Make em Dance Lance is one of the more high profile free agents who still hasn’t signed with a team. While most consider Stephenson nothing more than a meme, Lance actually provides great scoring and energy off the bench, and is an incredible personality. Stephenson would be great to help teams fill the seats, he is so entertaining, and a very good basketball player. While all signs point to the Lakers for Lance, the Lakers just don’t make any sense. Their newly loaded roster simply doesn’t have a place for Lance Stephenson. Lance should look for team where he can get more minutes and continue to energize and control games. The Oklahoma City Thunder seems like a good fit for Lance, who are certainly looking for a way to keep the stands full with the rebirth of their roster.

Zaza Pachulia

Hate him, or hate him, Zaza Pachulia is still a solid big man who can contribute on a team. Since the injury that kept Kawhi Leonard out for over a year took place, Pachulia has been slandered and hated on constantly. This certainly isn’t helping Pachulia’s case, but there has to be a team out there willing to give him another chance. Zaza has been a great rebounder, solid defender and decent scorer. Pachulia’s per 36 stats do stand out as someone who has true potential to make an impact on a roster. It could be in his interests to return to Golden State, or move somewhere new like Charlotte, Orlando or Philly, where he could come off the bench as a solid big man who does his job day in and day out.

Jamal Crawford

Jamal Crawford has been a very strong veteran for years. Notably, Crawford became the oldest player to drop 50 points in a game. Any player who can score 50 points in a game, should be targeted heavily. Not to mention that Crawford provides excellent leadership, and is a ball handling guru in the basketball world. Crawford would be a phenomenal pickup for a team seeking mentorship for a crafty guard, that also wants to compete in the playoffs. Somewhere like Sacramento, Atlanta, Charlotte and Denver makes perfect sense. Quite honestly, Jamal Crawford needs to get paid more then the veterans minimum, he’s worth around 5 million, so it’ll be interesting to see what teams with cap space (wink wink Hawks) will go for him.

Vince Carter

ONE MORE YEAR. Carter announced he would play yet another year, and be the first player to play in 4 different decades, in NBA history. While Vince fans rejoiced, many have expressed disdain, and criticized Carter, as he is taking up a valuable roster spot that some young player won’t get. This is however, a great pickup. Carter is without a doubt one of the best basketball minds in the league, and is someone who will be a phenomenal mentor for any player of any position. Carter will likely be looking to play for a contender, as he has never won a championship, and will go down as one of the greatest to never win a ring. So many teams have come up in talks regarding Vince, including the Clippers, Lakers, Nets, Pelicans, Bulls and Jazz. One name that surprisingly hasn’t made the rounds is Toronto. The former Raptors superstar could be looking to complete a homecoming goodbye tour, and Toronto would love it. Maybe Vince Carter would help Toronto Raptors fans take their minds off of losing Kawhi to the Clippers.

Walt Lemon Jr.

Now before you panic, and rage in the comments section about how stupid I am, please search up Walt Lemon Jr. highlights. Lemon is a g league superstar who was called up to the Bulls roster with just six games left in the season. In these six games, Walt Lemon averaged 14.3 points, on 43% shooting, and 40% shooting from the three point line. Lemon has spent most of his career in the g league, and has now emerged as a shocking potential star who made the most of his 6 games with Chicago. In the G League, Lemon was an incredible standout, his call up to the Bulls was inevitable. Lemon plays just like Prime Derrick Rose (it’s actually crazy go search him up) he’s shifty, incredibly explosive, athletic, powerful and fast. Lemon is a super underrated pick up who also doubles as a play maker and could be the future of a team searching for a guard such as Phoenix and Orlando.

Jeremy Lin

After Jeremy Lin’s meme worthy season with the Raptors, infamously playing just over one minute in the NBA finals, Lin is back on the free agent market, and while his time in Toronto was probably fun and easy, it’s time for Lin to get back onto a team where he can play valuable minutes, much like he was in Brooklyn two years ago.Lin is a electrifying stretch guard who is so capable of taking over games. Linsanity marked the beginning of Lin’s amazing career, and he’s been able to contribute on man teams since, but now Lin needs to work his way back into a starting spot. All signs point to a reunion with Charlotte, where Lin would likely compete with Malik Monk for the starting job at the 2 guard. Whether Monk or Lin gets this spot doesn’t really matter, Lin could be a great bench asset for a Hornets team who are just trying to navigate their way through this season. Another choice would be the Clippers, who could use Lin off the bench, and maybe give him a chance to win another title with Kawhi, but this time contribute a little bit more.

Pau Gasol

Pau Gasol is reportedly nearing a deal with the Detroit Pistons. But nothing is official. While the Pistons are likely the best and most likely destination for Gasol, Pau has many other opportunities on the table. Gasol could go to Minnesota, where he could provide a winning mentality and help KAT grow. He could also go to Chicago, and help players like Wendell Carter Jr. and Lauri Markannen find their potential. Gasol is a great leader who won’t really provide to much for his team on the court, but is one of the few big men who can provide support and assistance to young big’s looking to enjoy a career as successful as Gasol’s.

Kenneth Faried

HOUSTON, TX – FEBRUARY 25 : Kenneth Faried #35 of the Houston Rockets looks on during the game against the Atlanta Hawks on February 25, 2019 at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. Mandatory Copyright Notice: Copyright 2019 NBAE (Photo by Scott Cunningham/NBAE via Getty Images)

Arguably the best player on this list, Kenneth Faried has been the talk as of late as the former Rocket can’t seem to get a deal done. Faried is a great player who certainly has plenty of basketball ahead of him. But where will he go? Faried has many potential landing spots which include the Rockets, Clippers, Knicks, Pacers or Sixers. All of these teams have a bench spot open for Faried where he won’t necessarily get minutes he’s used to, but he is someone who may have to take a step back and focus on helping the team in ways other than volume scoring as a starter. Faried needs to solidify his case for a leadership oriented veteran who can provide locker room presence and energy on a younger team that wants to contend. Best fit has to be the Sixers.

Carmelo Anthony

Some of you smiling right now I know it, and some of you about to hit the comments section and call me names. But I won’t stay silent! Carmelo Anthony has a narrative against him that exaggerated. Social media has done an excellent job of killing Carmelo’s chances of signing with a team. The narrative that Carmelo Anthony shoots nothing but bricks and hogs the ball is unfair. During his time with Houston, Melo took a career low number of shots per game, while still shooting above fourty percent. Carmelo is not the player he once was, but he is also not the player everyone is making him out to be. Carmelo Anthony is still good enough to make a roster, he’s a solid shooter, good rebounder and a game changer. Carmelo has accepted that he needs to come off the bench (search it up it’s true) and this is a time when someone should take advantage of someone who has been working his tail off to get back into the league.

Ricky Millns

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