20 September 2020



CEBL – Edmonton Stingers Game Recap: July 11 vs Guelph Nighthawks

The hottest team in the league – the Edmonton Stingers once again defended their home court and improved to a 7-1 record at home, and improving to 9-4 in total. This victory of 110-91 over the Nighthawks marks the 5th straight win for the Stingers – and continues Jermaine Small’s perfect 5-0 record as the new head coach of the Stingers. In general, there was a lot to like about this game. Particularly, the unity and chemistry on both offense and defense was especially evident. The Stingers were unstoppable from the field, and when they did miss, quite often Grandy Glaze would scoop up an offensive rebound and give the Stingers an extra possession. This victory was clearly led by Grandy Glaze – who once again demonstrated his gritty, tough passion on the court. Glaze ended up with a double double, leading the team in scoring and rebounding. Glaze’s hustle in transition was very prominent as well. Glaze was darting back and forth all night long, and his intensity really carried the Stingers to this win.

Kenny Otieno dribbling the ball – CEBL Website

Xavier Moon played his 3rd game back since missing some time during the season. Moon once again demonstrated his incredible court vision, and scoring ability, recording a double double with 19 points and 10 assists. Moon was a pleasure to watch as he easily outran every player on the court, while holding his dribble. The way Moon can outrun a player who is without a ball, while dribbling, really makes Moon a unique player. Moon certainly used his speed to his advantage, demonstrating some flashy handles, and cutting to the basket to find an easy layup. Travis Daniels was the third player to record a double double tonight. Daniels pulled in an impressive 23 points and 11 rebounds. Daniels once again built up his case for an MVP contender, and certainly finds himself in heavy contention for an All-CEBL First Team. Daniels played much bigger than he was. Tough finishes under the rim, surprisingly good 3 point shooting for a big, and gritty rebounding earns Travis Daniels yet another double double.

Another player who really stood out tonight was Mathieu Kamba. Kamba has been very impressive since getting starts mid way through the season. Kamba’s three point shooting, impressive dunks, exceptional defense and ball handling skills make him one of the most likeable players in the league. Against the Nighthawks, Kamba dropped 14 points and 5 assists. Kamba lit up the crowd when he threw down an and-one dunk, following this by the raise the roof celebration. Kamba also received a lob from Xavier Moon in the fourth quarter, which he easily threw down.The last two players who received major minutes were Akeem Ellis, Kenny Otieno and Adika Peter-McNeilly, all of whom somewhat struggled from the field, however their confidence in themselves shone through, as they all knocked down a couple shots late in the game, to put the Nighthawks away for good.

Xavier Moon calls out a play – CEBL Website

Now, let’s dive into the game itself…

What Went Well?

The chemistry was simply incredible. The Stingers were passing the ball really well, and never being forced to put up late shots in the shot clock. This is something the Stingers have struggled with in the past. Tonight, the Stingers took advantage of a sloppy Guelph team, and turned it into a victory. The Stingers also played through their stars. Grandy Glaze, Travis Daniels and Xavier Moon all had sufficient touches, and earned this victory. It was a high energy game, where everyone was positive, the Stingers were never down at any point in the game, which made for a very uplifting vibe. It’s also worth mentioning that the crowd was at one of it’s best caliber’s tonight. Highlighted by an exceptionally energetic section K (FC Edmonton Fans) the hive was buzzing, Very fun environment to be in, I assume very fun to play in as well.

Kenny Otieno drives in on Zeke Marshall – CEBL Website

What didn’t go well?

Occasionally, it seemed like three pointers were being forced, especially while Glaze or Daniels weren’t on the floor. Sometimes we’d see three pointers going up early in the shot clock, which allowed for Guelph to find some life early in the second quarter. There was also a few sloppy turnovers that eventually turned into buckets the other way. Other than this, it’s hard to find what was not great about this game. The Stingers put on a great show once again.

Mathieu Kamba guards Olu Famutimi – CEBL Website

Through the passion and intensity of Grandy Glaze, interior dominance of Travis Daniels, and soft touch of Xavier Moon, the Stingers came away with a much appreciated victory, as they now set their sights on the top team in the league, the Niagara River Lions. The Stingers are 2-1 against the River Lions, handing Niagara 2 of their 3 losses this season. The Edmonton Stingers have surprisingly emerged as a true threat to win the first CEBL Championship. This team is really coming together.

Inactives for the game:

Ashton Smith, Jordan Baker, Brody Clarke, Deondre Parks

Full box score courtesy of the CEBL Website
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