LeBron James: The New Magic Johnson?


 When the Lakers traded away Lonzo Ball in the Anthony Davis deal, they left themselves with a pretty big hole at the point guard position. D’Angelo Russell, Kemba Walker, and Kyrie Irving were all targeted by the Lakers, but they missed out on all three of them, signing Quinn Cook and Rajon Rondo instead. Neither of those players would be the ideal starting point guard for your team, so who better than LeBron James to be your point guard.

  The Lakers have recently announced that they intend to start LeBron James at the point guard position next season. While LeBron has always played with the abilities of a point guard (playmaking and shot creation), he’s never been officially listed as one. He’s always garnered comparisons to Magic Johnson due to their similar playstyles, Johnson was a 6’10 playmaker, who was also incredibly athletic, Lebron is a pass first, ball dominant forward, with once in a generational athleticism. Will the Lebron be the second coming of Magic Johnson, or will this just be a failed experiment?

  Starting LeBron at point guard will allow Kyla Kuzma to start at the small forward position, and will push veteran guard Rajon Rondo to the bench. Rondo will be able to lead the second unit, and do so effectively, being a leader for them. Putting LeBron at point guard helps the team offensively, as many point guards and small forwards would have to switch defensively on LeBron. The Lakers will have a size advantage against almost every team in the league (Like Philadelphia has because of Ben Simmons). If this experiment fails, so be it, but its a low risk, high reward situation for the Lakers, and if it works out well, the Lakers could be unstoppable next season.


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