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18 September 2020



Best Free Agents who still need a team!

The first wave of free agents have made their commitments. While this free agency has certainly been shocking and wild, there’s still many free agents who need a team this upcoming season. Here’s some of the top free agents who need a team, and where they could be going…

Kawhi Leonard

Shocker, despite many rumors and speculations, it seems like nobody actually knows what Kawhi Leonard is doing. Many sources would like to pretend they know where Kawhi is going, but let’s be real… Kawhi hasn’t told a single soul anything. Kawhi’s top three seem to be the Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Clippers and Toronto Raptors. While LA seems to be the most realistic landing spot, Toronto remains in the fight for the best free agent in the class. Leonard is certainly taking his time, which is never a bad thing, although the fans are constantly checking for updates. Meanwhile Kawhi is probably sitting on a beach somewhere warm eating apples.

Demarcus Cousins

Cousins’ landing spot is still unknown. While it seems to widely accepted that Cousins won’t be rejoining the Warriors following a disappointing end to the season, Cousins’ other destination are simply rumors. Cities like New York, Sacramento, Los Angeles and other big markets in need of a big man are still contending for Cousins. Cousins is likely one of those free agents who doesn’t even know where he’s going to be playing next year.


Isaiah Thomas

IT is almost certainly gone from the Nuggets after being cut off in the Nuggets rotation. Thomas is looking to avenge his past 2 seasons and return to his prime play. Thomas is being pursued by the Wizards, which at the time seem like the most likely landing spot. This would be a great fit for Thomas, as he could fill John Wall’s role while Wall recovers. Other destinations for Thomas include Orlando and Miami, two cities who could be on the lookout for a new point guard soon.

Jabari Parker

Parker has been on a journey as of late. Being traded, leaving in free agency, Parker will be looking to establish himself in a new place where he can thrive like he was in Milwaukee. The only update on Jabari Parker is that he’s not expected to return to the Wizards, which doesn’t come as a surprise considering his rough season. Parker could play somewhere like Minnesota, Indiana or Boston in the near future, however these are mere speculations.

Danny Green

Following an impressive run with the Raptors, Danny Green is hot on the free agency market. Teams like the Lakers, Mavericks and of course Raptors have emerged as potential destination for the sharpshooter. At this time Green’s only news involves a “good conversation” with the Lakers, whether this means he signing there or not is still undetermined. It seems like Green isn’t set on any team at the time, so expect his decision to be later on.

Rajon Rondo

The former Lakers point guard is a name of interest for several teams looking to address a point guard depth issue. Teams like the Lakers and Nets are interested in Rondo, however Rondo has shocked us in the past with his free agency decisions, don’t be surprised if Rondo seeks out a team like the Magic or Knicks in free agency.

Kelly Oubre Jr.

Oubre has been a name of interest for several teams. Oubre is still an RFA with the Suns, however the potential that he may travel elsewhere such as the Knicks, Lakers and Pelicans all remain imminent. Oubre will likely resign with the Suns, however he is still a name to keep an eye on, as it is interesting that he hasn’t signed yet.

Javale McGee

McGee is coming off a solid season in LA, and his next destination remains very clouded. With the only report being heavy interest from the Detroit Pistons, McGee seems like he’ll either be a Pistons or Laker next season. However this report with the Pistons is a day old, and still no word since from McGee, could imply that the deal may have fallen through.

Emmanuel Mudiay

This might seem like a low end free agent, but Mudiay was actually the leading scorer for the Knicks. While this may seem like an unimpressive feat., Mudiay has shown potential and growth with the Knicks that make him a crucial free agent to any team looking for a relatively young, high reward point guard, who might not ask for a ridiculous salary.

Delon Wright

Like Oubre, Delon Wright is a free agent, one the Grizzlies will be keen on keeping. Wright may not be interested in Memphis however. Teams like Dallas an Orlando seem like realistic landing spots for the young guard. Memphis is a great destination no doubt, but Wright will likely see playing behind Ja Morant as detrimental on his potential filled career. He would definitely bloom in Orlando or Dallas.

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