Top 11 classic teams needed in NBA 2k20


2k has done a great job of adding classic NBA teams to it’s game. Catering the demanded teams fans often want such as the 2004 Lakers, 2013 Heat, and even as recent as the 2016 Warriors. After adding 16 new classic teams in 2k18, 2k took a break in 2k19, with 0 added Classic teams, despite still missing a decent amount of teams that fans still need to play as. Here are the top 11 legendary teams most needed in NBA 2k20

Honarable Mentions

1992 Phoenix suns
1995/2004 Indiana Pacers
These teams are arguably the most needed in 2k since Jordan was added, however, the odds of them being in the game are slim as Reggie Miller and Barkley are still not in the game, either due to money reasons or just not wanting to be in it. Either way, the 2k community should not get their Hope’s up this year, so the most demanded teams are not going to make the list.

11.2005-06 Washington Wizards

Pg Gilbert Arenas
Sg Antonio Daniels


Sf Caron Butler
Pf Antwan Jamison
C Brendan Haywood
6th Jarvis Hayes
This may be a suprising entry, However this knocks off two problems. It finally gives the community a Gilbert Arenas team. It also finally gives Washington a Classic team, which has never happened up to this point. This team went 42-40 and lost in 6, but it has the superstar Gilbert Arenas and Caron Butler, which would be enough to make a fun team to play as, or build around in a MyLeague.

10. 2015-16 Oklahoma City Thunder

Pg Russell Westbrook
Sg Andre Roberson
Sf Kevin Durant
Pf Serge Ibaka
C Steven Adams
6th Enes Kanter
This may be another surprising entry, as the 2011 Finals team is already in the game. However to have a team where Durant and Westbrook are in their primes, and the role players are the best catered for the stars would be a great upgrade. Harden isn’t exactly a Thunder legend, so playing as the modern Thunder team with Westbrook and Durant as an amazing dynamic duo is very preferable to a young Durant, Westbrook, and Harden, none of them being in their prime.

9. 2008-09 Utah Jazz

Pg Deron Williams
Sg Ronnie Brewer
Sf Andrei Kirlenko
Pf Carlos Boozer
C Mehmet Okfer
6th Paul Millsap
This team didnt really have a star (Other than Deron Williams) but it had the greatest role players imaginable. Kyle Korver, Paul Millsap, Carlos Boozer, Andrei Kirlenko, and a slew of players who did the dirty work and just played to win. This team would be super fun to just have fun and play team ball, and is a must have for the next 2k to have a prime Deron Williams along with a amazingly well rounded team around him.

8.2001-02 Bucks

Pg Sam Cassell
Sg Ray Allen
Sf Glenn Robinson
Pf Mark Pope
C Scott Williams
6th Tim Thomas
This was an amazingly flashy team with Ray Allen and Glenn Robinson at the helm of scoring, as well as a developing Michael Redd in his rookie season. With the addition of this team all 4 teams in the conference finals of the 2001-02 season would be in 2k, and all of them are well deserved. The scoring on this team would make it very fun to play as with a prime Allen and Robinson.

7. 1999-00 Portland Trailblazers

Pg Damon Stoudemire

Sg Steve Smith
Sf Scottie Pippen
Pf Rasheed Wallace
C Ardyvas Sybanos
6th Detlef Schremph
The team the NBA would most want to forget about, the Portland “Jailblazers” were mean, tough, dysfunctional and hated, but most importantly, they were good. That’s what made the NBA hate this team, because no matter how many players did something controversial, they were so good, they would just keep winning. Their luck ran out in the conference finals however, partially due to their dysfunctionality. But with players like Scottie Pippen, Jermaine Oneal, Rasheed Wallace, and many more, it’s not a coincidence they were good. This would be a great gritty team to play as.

6. 2014-15 Atlanta Hawks

Pg Jeff Teague
Sg Kyle Korver
Sf Demare Carroll
Pf Paul Millsap
C Al Horford
6th Dennis Shroder
The Hawks are that team with no real superstar, but everyone does their role perfectly. The team is filled with “glue guys” making one of the most well rounded teams in NBA history. This would be a phenomenal team to just have fun and implement everyone.

5. 2013-14/16-17 San Antonio Spurs

Pg Tony Parker
Sg Danny Green
Sf Kawhi Leonard
Pf Tim Duncan
C Tiago Splitter
6th Manu Ginobli
Pg Tony Parker
Sg Danny Green
Sf Kawhi Leonard
Pf LaMarcus Aldridge
C Pau Gasol
6th Manu Ginobli
There are two options here
1. The champion Spurs team that won through their amazing defense and all around scoring, as no one scored more than 17 ppg on this team.


2. The team that was on pace to beat the KD era warriors playing through Kawhi and Aldridge.

Both teams have their advantages, it’s more of preference, the experienced well rounded team with a veteran Tim Duncan, or a team with two amazing scorers and championship experience throughout the team.

4.2009-10 Los Angales Lakers

Pg Derek Fisher
Sg Kobe Bryant
Sf Metta World Peace
Pf Pau Gasol
C Andrew Bynum
6th Lamar Odom
Kobe’s Final championship would be an amazing team to play as. With a prime Gasol and Odom along with Veterans Fisher and Metta, topped off with the only Kobe Bryant makes for a great team on both offense and defense. As well the roster would be capped off with Bynum in the paint to make the defense even stronger.

3. 2010-11 Orlando Magic

Pg Jameer Nelson
Sg Courtney Lee
Sf Hedu Turkoglu
Pf Rashard Lewis
C Dwight Howard
6th J.J. Redick
One of the most crucial players that 2k has ignored is prime Dwight Howard. Other than the Magic all time team (where he is only a 93 overall) he is not on a offline playable team. This team is a must have for 2k20 as it fits one of the most dominant centers of the 2000s era into a team filled with shooters. Everyone in the starting lineup and most of the bench can shoot besides Howard, who will grab boards over the best in the league, and dominate almost any big man in the post, making the perfect combination of three ball and post dominance.

2. 2013-14 Los Angeles Clippers

Pg Chris Paul
Sg J.J. Redick
Sf Matt Barnes
Pf Blake Griffin
C DeAndre Jordan
6th Jamal Crawford
Despite this team feeling like they were assembled only a few years ago, now the only person who remains in LA that was originally on this team is coach Rivers. With Griffin being traded plus Jordan and Paul leaving in free agency, it’s finally time to be able to play as lob city itself. With Chris Paul and Jamal Crawford dishing the ball of to DJ and Blake Griffin the lob passes should be effortless, making a very flashy team to play as. This is the perfect time to add them, as this will be the first 2k that starts with none of the same players being on the team.

1. 2015-16 Cleveland Cavaliers

Pg Kyrie Irving
Sg J.R. Smith
Sf Lebron James
Pf Kevin Love
C Tristan Thompson
6th Mo Williams
The only team to beat the Warriors in the Steve Kerr era, being able to play as Kyrie and Lebron, along with Love and the rest of the Role players on this team was an amazing experience in 2k16-17, and it needs to be brought back in 2k20. Now that both Kyrie and Lebron have left Cleveland, along with 2016 Golden State team already being included, it’d be an amazing experience to replay that classic rivalry!


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