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Xavier Moon – Landing Among the Stars

ByRicky Millns

Jun 23, 2019

You either know the name, or you should. Xavier Moon. Born in Goodwater, Alabama, this 6’2 point guard has quickly taken the Canadian basketball scene by storm. Despite being an American basketball player, Moon has played a couple seasons in Canadian, American, and French basketball leagues. Following an impressive start to his pro-basketball career, Xavier Moon is a name we need to keep an eye on as new young players move into the G-League and the NBA.

Xavier Moon is a quick, dynamic and highly skilled point guard who thrives on his all around ability to score, pass, rebound, cut, and guard. Currently playing for the Edmonton Stingers, a professional team located in Edmonton, Canada, Moon showed his enormous capabilities to score the ball at a high efficiency throughought his first three games. Moon is sidelined as of right now with a foot injury, however he plans to return this summer. Through his first three games in the CEBL, Moon averaged 26 points per game on 68.5% shooting, and sitting above 50% in three point percentage. All of these numbers stand among the top in the league which would be an huge understatement to call this play exceptional. But Xavier has been getting buckets at such high efficiencies for years now.

Moon at Morehead State College

Moon’s college career began in 2013, where he played 2 years at Northwest Florida State College and steadily improved his points per game from 4.4 to 7.7. In his limited playing time, Moon managed to shoot extremely efficiently, especially in his second year. Following his Sophomore year at NFSC, Moon transferred to Morehead State College, where he would play his junior and senior years. Moon blasted off to 16 points per game, once again proving to be one of the most efficient shooters in the country.

After college, Moon spent a season overseas playing in France, before returning to the USA to play in New York, where he played in a new league called the North American Professional Basketball League. Moon followed this with a decision to head north, and play in Canada, where he represented the London Lightning. In his first full season, Moon averaged almost 20 points per game, and quicky established himself as a fan favorite in the league. Following this season, Moon signed with the Stingers, where he currently plays.

I had an opportunity to interview Xavier Moon, asking his personal and professional questions about himself and his basketball career. I decided to take Xavier back to the very beginning, and work his way up to his current point throughout the interview.

Moon playing in France

Xavier Moon’s story begins at age 6, when he first learned to play basketball. Moon said in our interview that he’s had a basketball in his hands since he could walk. Moon’s early start on basketball was mostly motivated by Jamario Moon, Xavier’s uncle. Jamario went undrafted in the NBA draft in 2001, and decided to continue to pursue his NBA dream, signing with multiple minor league teams, eventually finding his way onto some G-League rosters. In 2007, Jamario Moon signed with the Raptors, he played there for 2 years, before finding his way onto multiple teams including the Heat, Cavs, Clippers and Bobcats. When Xavier was asked what motivated him to start playing basketball, he credited his uncle Jamario. Xavier said that seeing Jamario travel the world (primarily with the Toronto Raptors), was an “enormous inspiration”. Moon also said his visits to Toronto to watch Jamario play inspired him tremendously to start playing basketball.

Xavier’s uncle Jamario, in the NBA dunk contest

As previously mentioned, Moon played college ball for 4 seasons. Perhaps the most prominent of these were his years at Morehead State. Moon said his proudest moment in his basketball career took place at Morehead State. Moon recorded the first triple double in Morehead State school history, on December 19, 2016. Moon said this moment stood out to him particularly when reflecting on his basketball career. Just like his uncle Jamario, Xavier Moon has found himself playing pro-basketball in foreign leagues, such as Canada’s CEBL, NAPB and overseas in France. When I asked Moon what the biggest difference for him personally was, when transitioning from college to professional, he provided good insight. Moon said, “learning how to transition your game, and understanding that each level is tougher than the last.” Moon also highlighted many new aspects such as increased competition, IQ, pace, and worth ethic. I decided to dig deeper on the topic of work ethic. Moon credited work ethic to the success of all basketball players trying to make the pros. Xavier finished to highlight that work ethic separates the good from the great. This answer was certainly insightful of Moon’s character.

Near the end of my interview with Xavier, I moved towards his Canadian basketball career. When asked why he plays in Canada, despite being an American, Moon responded that he was seeking more exposure from different places. Moon said he had received much more exposure by playing in Canada, France and Northern USA than he would have if he had stayed in Alabama. I also asked Moon about some goals he has set for himself going fourth in the Canadian Elite Basketball League. He said short term; he’s just looking to “get 1% better every year”, long term; “the highest level of basketball”, the NBA.

Xavier Moon of the Lightning drives against Brent Arrington of the Saint John Riptide during their Sunday afternoon game at Budweiser Gardens in London, Ont. The Lightning fell 107-98 against the Riptide who were 4-12 entering the game. Photograph taken on Sunday January 13, 2019. Mike Hensen/The London Free Press/Postmedia Network

As Moon continues to establish himself as an elite shooter and strong character, make sure you remember his name. Moon is a prospect that NBA G-League teams should keep an eye on as he continues to improve, 1% every day. Xavier Moon comes from a basketball family, his uncle Jamario Moon proved that just because you go undrafted, does not mean you are not NBA worthy. It took Jamario 6 years to find his way onto an NBA roster. Do not be surprised if Xavier Moon finds his way onto an NBA roster in the foreseeable future. Moon has the perfect mix of skill and work ethic that make achieving goals possible. Moon’s determination stands out and his persistence even more. Xavier Moon embodies the saying, shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.

Moon playing on the Edmonton Stingers

Ricky Millns

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