How Kevin Durant’s Injury will Affect his Career


Kevin Durant, as we all know has ruptured his Achilles, this is going to be about how this injury can impact his career and his legacy. With possibly the biggest Free Agency ever on the horizon, Durant’s fate will be heavily influenced by this injury suffered in the finals. Before the injury, Durant’s arrival would immediately alter the fate of any team, but now wherever he goes won’t get an immediate impact because of the Achilles injury. Known as the career killer, no one has comeback the same or better from this injury besides Dominique Wilkins.

With that being said there is a slim chance that Kevin Durant can comeback the same, and now Durant finds himself in a hole both him and the team he goes to share. If Durant picks up his Player Option with Golden State, the Warriors wouldn’t have enough to give Klay the max, and that would also impact Klay’s offseason. With his Torn ACL, a team like the Lakers wouldn’t want to take a gamble on Klay because they are in a win now situation and just cannot afford to want to wait for Thompson to return March or April. It also directly impacts Kevin Durant going to either New York or LA Clippers because it’s likely neither team would want to offer him the max unsure if he will come back even close to the same Kevin Durant we know.

There’s also the looming concern with his age, teams won’t be as interested in him as before the injury he’s 30 years old, and when he comes back he will be about 32. It would take Durant until he’s at least 34 to return to his old self. Teams will certainly be hesitant to give him the max for 5 years because of his extended time frame on Durant’s rehabilitation process that seems imminent.


Kevin Durant’s Legacy: Now moving on to how this could impact his legacy, first how will him coming back in Game 5 and getting hurt be looked at in years down the line. Will it be looked at as excessive pressure from the Media or the Trainers, or will it be looked at as a move that was ultimately made by Durant himself to try and help his team make a comeback. Next with him having an Achilles, injury a team like the Knicks probably don’t really want to sign him to a long deal sunsure how and when he will comeback, and with that there goes his opportunity to show the world that he can win by himself. As for the scoring leaders of all time, his currently 26th on the list and was on pace to reach at least top 5 all time but now with this year or two where he’ll be unable to play, he could likely end up slipping to the top 10. With that being said, prayers for a quick recovery for Kevin!


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