22 September 2020



Everyone’s Favorite Giant : Tacko Fall – Where He Might Play

We all know the name. Tacko Fall. This 7 foot 6 (perhaps 7) inch tall Senegalese hooper has garnered media attention and overall fan love. Tacko Fall’s rise to fame came when UCF pulled off an upset first round victory, and found themselves in the spotlight against the dominant Duke squad. Fall and UCF came so close to capturing yet another upset over Duke, only to be thwarted by the late game heroics of the Duke squad.

The next step in Tacko Fall’s career has taken effect. Fall has officially declared for the 2019 NBA Draft, and has quickly established himself as a desirable first round pick. Some however, are not as confident. On NBADraft.net – Tacko Fall sits at the 48th overall pick, to the LA Clippers. Regardless there’s no reason Tacko Fall shouldn’t be a first round pick, and here’s why.

Tacko Fall is a generational monster, that can quickly adapt to NBA play, and dominate the league. If given the right opportunity, Tacko Fall would be able to lead the league in blocks per game WITHOUT QUESTION. Fall is 3-4 inches taller than current NBA giant Boban Marjanovic. It is impossible to fathom someone like Chris Paul, Kemba Walker or Isaiah Thomas trying to cut into the basket, only to be stuffed by the giant Tacko Fall. There’s plenty of teams that could use Fall, they may not know it yet, but Tacko Fall is a low risk, high reward player that could quickly produce on the defensive end for whatever team takes him.


But who is going to take Tacko? And who should?

22nd overall – Boston Celtics

The Celtics have two picks in the twenties this year. So why not use the second one and score Tacko Fall. Currrently, the Celtics could give Fall good minutes, by playing Horford at PF, and Fall at C. While Fall may not be ready to play starter minutes, he could use the assistance from Aron Baynes and Robert Williams when he needs a break. This pick up could be yet again one of Danny Ainge’s greatest moves, as he’d be adding more size to a roster that sometimes is criticized for its lack of defense. This team is one of Tacko’s best destinations, as it offers him playoff experience in his rookie year, and potentially more minutes than most would expect. Ideally a Celtics lineup looks like Kyrie/DLo, Brown, Hayward, Horford, Fall with a great bench to back them up.

28th overall – Golden State Warriors

Don’t freak out. The Warriors have the 28th pick, and if Demarcus Cousins chooses to leave, this is a great choice for the Warriors. With the potential departure of Andrew Bogut and Cousins and Kevon Looney, the Warriors will need to pickup a new big man. Tacko Fall might be just that. While the Warriors may continue to dominate the league, they will be forced to do so without a big. The only competition that Fall would face for minutes is Jordan Bell, and with a big man competition between Fall and Bell, the Warriors might be able to find the next piece that will be able to bring them back to an elite level. This certainly makes sense for the Warriors, however it does seem somewhat unlikely, as the Warriors could search for someone to fill a SF gap with KD out for the year, and Andre Iguodala contemplating retirement.

CINCINNATI, OH – FEBRUARY 21: 7′ 6″ UCF Knights center Tacko Fall (24) stands during the game against the Central Florida Knights and the Cincinnati Bearcats on February 21st 2019, at Fifth Third Arena in Cincinnati, OH. (Photo by Ian Johnson/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

29th overall – San Antonio Spurs

The Spurs actually have two opportunities to draft Tacko Fall, with the 19th and 29th pick. The 29th pick is definitely more realistic, but much like the Celtics, when a team has two first it’s a smart idea to take a risk on the second one. This allows for a low risk situation, as if the second player turns out poorly, it allows the better player to get more minutes. Fall to the Spurs makes sense. Lamarcus Aldridge can play the four, and Demar would be an excellent accomplice for Fall. Demar, Aldridge and Fall would be a interior nightmare, and teams with weaker big men like the Hornets and Kings would suffer big time against this trio. The Spurs don’t really have anyone who could take Fall’s minutes away, aside from Aldridge of course. Tacko Fall to San Antonio is probably the most likely of these predictions, this is something some experts has speculated.

36th overall – Charlotte Hornets

The Hornets are one of the teams who have gained some attention for their interest in Fall. Fall worked out for the Hornets and clearly made a lasting impression. While Fall would certainly be to soon to be taken with the 12th pick by Charlotte, he could certainly fall to the 36th overall pick if enough teams sleep on him. Fall would be a great addition to an increasingly young Hornets team. A Kemba, Monk, Lamb, Bridges, Fall lineup could give the Hornets and their fans something exciting. Cody Zeller has been dealing with excessive injuries, so it makes plenty of sense to have a nice young backup, instead of Bismack Biyombo. Fall to the Hornets actually makes a lot of sense, they need someone like him to bring excitement back to Charlotte.

40th overall – Sacramento Kings

The Kings are one of the lone teams in the league who currently lack any sort of starting center. While the Kings have expressed their desire to trade for or sign an elite center like Demarcus Cousins, the chance that they strike out in free agency remains high. The Kings are one of the most fun and exciting teams to watch in the league. De’Aaron Fox, Tacko Fall and Buddy Hield is certainly a trio the Kings would love to have. Fall would also likely be the starting center, which could allow him to reach his sky high potential. The Kings should not sleep on the prospect of selecting Fall, as he could provide the Kings with the size and defense that they pride themselves with.

Where do you guys see Tacko Fall going? Will he be a first round pick? Let me know your thoughts in the comments as always!

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