• Wed. Jul 15th, 2020

Lavar Ball Reacts to Lonzo’s Trade

ByRicky Millns

Jun 15, 2019

Ah yes, the long awaited Lavar Ball reaction to Lonzo’s trade to the New Orleans Pelicans. Clearly Lavar Ball wasn’t going to react well to Lonzo’s trade. Lavar actually only found out about the trade via PA speaker at Liangelo’s Drew League game. Many videos which I’ll attach below show Lavar’s sad and defeated face as he fathoms his son’s trade from his beloved Lakers.

It seems as though the Big Baller Lakers dream is now over. Liangelo can’t seem to find his way into the league, the Lakers will have no picks to grab Lamelo with, and now Lonzo has been moved to the Pelicans. When asked about this trade, Lavar said it was “the worst mistake the Lakers ever made” and that they would “never win a championship” now. Lavar powers to speak things into existence might have fizzled out now though, the Lakers have emerged as championship contenders once again. Lavar also said Lonzo’s trade “wasn’t a big deal” so it seems we’re getting mixed emotions from the Ball family at this point.

Without any further a due, I present you with, sad Lavar…

Lavar reacts to Lonzo being traded at the Drew League Game.

Also here’s an interview with Lavar after the game, where Lavar criticizes the Lakers trade…