Indianapolis Colts Your AFC Champions


After a disappointing end to last season in which the Colts lost 13 to 31 in Kansas City against the Chiefs, does this Colts team still have the core and young talent to take the next step to the Superbowl? The colts have been adding key new players to their defense over the past few years in drafting Darius Leonard, Malik Hooker, Rock Ya-sin, and Bobby Okeke among other players all in the early rounds of the draft. Then there’s the big Justin Houston signing this offseason, do the Colts finally have a formidable defense to match their high octane offense? The Colts offense has never been an issue aside from the 2017 regime with Jacoby Brisset at the helm. The Colts in 2016 before Andrew Luck’s injury averaged 25.7 points per game 7nth in the league and last year they averaged 25.8 points per game placing them 8th in the league, but that still hasn’t kept them from improving their offense this offseason in drafting Paris Campbell who adds another dynamic to his offense they haven’t had in quite a while, a deep threat. The Colts offense last season was in the top 10 in all passing offensive categories with an aging T.Y Hilton and no running game to be found with Marlon Mack out a majority of the year. If Paris Campbell is anything what Indianapolis expects him to be and with a productive Marlon Mack, Look out! With Campbell taking some much needed pressure off T.Y Hilton and Mack making the opposing defense respect the run game, Andrew Luck’s life will be much easier expect all of these players as well as a fast and young defense to have huge years.

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Downgraded AFC

Let’s start with the team that seemingly dismantled the colts in the playoffs, from three and outs to a 24-7 halftime score the Kansas City Chiefs. Patrick Mahomes is undoubtedly a generational talent and could very well be the face of the NFL one day, but that isn’t where the Chiefs problems are. With the departure of Tyreek Hill, Kareem Hunt, and Justin Houston they are losing their two best playmakers as well as a defensive leader on an already very questionable defense which we saw against the Patriots last year when they couldn’t stop Brady in overtime. Will this gutted Kansas City offense still be the same? I think not and with their defense they’re no match for the Colts balance on offense and defense.


Tom Brady, the seemingly ageless quarterback for the Patriots has been the Colts kryptonite throughout Luck’s career, but with Brady’s age at 42 and without his buddy Gronk clearing the way in the secondary this is the year the Colts takeover the AFC. The only other team in the AFC favored to win more than the colts according to is the Cleveland Browns, On paper they look great but thats why the games are played. The Cleveland Browns have only won 11 games in the past 4 years and fortunately 7 of those wins were in 2018 but with a team with this history i’ll have to see it before i believe it. The personalities on their roster alone are a cause for concern Odell Beckham Jr, Jarvis Landry, and their very vocal leader Baker Mayfield, i sure hope Freddie Kitchens knows what he’s doing. Even if the Cleveland Browns can manage to put all the talent on that roster together their individual egos will be to loud and they will not make the playoffs this year.


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