The Dallas Stars, And Why They Can’t Win with their Current  Roster

Dallas Stars in Action

Back in the 2007 NHL entry draft, the Dallas Stars selected Jamie Benn of the Victoria Grizzlies with 129th overall selection in the NHL draft. Even though he started his career with the Kelowna Rockets of the WHL, 12 years later, he’s been consistently great for the Dallas Stars. The two time all star has shown why he belongs in this league. After being a consistent playoff contender for multiple years, the Stars decided to make a move that would put the league on notice.

The Trade

After Selecting Tyler Seguin second overall in the 2010 NHL entry draft, the Boston Bruins won 220px-Tyler_Seguin_11-5-2010_(1)the Stanley Cup the following year in 2011, and after a disappointing 2012 campaign by the Bruins, Tyler Seguin requested a trade out of the organization. After Signing him to a 6 year extension, they decide to trade him to the Stars in a deal surrounding Loui Eriksson, who was coming off a strong season in Dallas. There was a risk although, because this was a all of a sudden outburst by the sniper, but Claude Julien was full on the trade, as he represented Seguin the best at that point in their careers.


Where are they now?

For the Boston Bruins, they are currently in the Stanley Cup Final, looking for their second cup in 9 years. As for the Dallas Stars, yet again they got eliminated in the second round, as they lose in a game 7 double OT thriller versus the very team that’s facing Boston in the finals, the St. Louis Blues. But one phrase can answer why Dallas can’t win in their current situation, poor management.

Player depth/Coaching history

Ever since Dave Tippett departed in 2009, they’ve had six head coaching changes, so finding the  mastermind behind the players has been a struggle for James Nill. As for the players,

Besides their four best players (Benn, Seguin, Klingberg, Bishop) no one can majorly contribute on this team. No offense to Radulov, as he’s been a great reliever to this team when they need him, but he isn’t someone that can help with their struggles. Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin are good, there’s no doubt about that, but they are not guys that can bring the team to a championship. John Klingberg is good, but by the time he will be a top 5 defender in the league, Benn, Seguin and the last guy I will talk about will be way past their primes and he will be a wasted talent. And last but not least, Ben Bishop, what a rollercoaster of a career this man has had. If it wasn’t for his lingering injuries that has derailed his career, he would be a top 3 goalie in the league right now. That is in no way saying he is a bad goaltender, if anything the way he keeps going at 100% is inspiring.

What do they need to do?

In my own opinion they need to blow up their roster and build around Klingberg. He is a outstanding talent and will only get better next season. The question is, will management pull the trigger? Whenever any team in any situation decides to rebuild, the team income suffers, whether it be sales or attendance, so if they decide to rebuild, they need to stick to it, and hopefully they can build and even better, championship contending team as a result.



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