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Raptors Fan Arrested in Toronto, find out what he did and more!

After Game 3 of the NBA Finals where the Toronto Raptors came out victorious against the Golden State Warriors, securing a 2-1 lead, many fans in Jurassic Park where ambivalent and enthused at their new position. This excitement led to a Raptors fan, now identified as 28 year old Tristan Warkentin, getting in front of a television crew that was interviewing bystanding fans and speaking to the camera these explicit words, “…I just wanna let everyone know Ayesha Curry, we’re gonna f**ck her right in the p**sy.”


He was then arrested on a count of “criminal mischief” and in a small statement to the Toronto Sun spoke of how he was “under the influence of alcohol”, accepts the blame for the statements he made, and plans to issue an apology towards Ayesha Curry. More on this situation as it develops.

To watch the clip of Warkentin’s vulgar statements, click the link below.




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