League Alerts Official 2019 NBA First Round Mock Draft


(1) Pelicans – Zion Williamson | PF | 6’7″ | 285 lbs. | Wingspan: 6’10”

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Best Attribute: Athleticism

Rare type of athleticism with the potential to be a generational superstar.


(2) Grizzlies – Ja Morant | PG | 6’3″ | 175 lbs. | Wingspan: 6’7″

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Best Attribute: Athleticism

Very athletic point guard with great playmaking and scoring ability. As he learns to limit turnovers and finds a more consistent jumpshot, he should become a star in the league.

(3) Knicks – R.J. Barrett | SF | 6’7″ | 202 lbs. | Wingspan: 6’10”

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Best Attribute: Scoring Ability

His scoring potential seems great as well as his flashes of being a nice playmaker as well, but he’ll need to improve his efficiency when scoring.

(4) Lakers – Darius Garland| PG | 6’2″ | 175 lbs. | Wingspan: 6’5″

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Best Attribute: Playmaking

A scoring guard who can shoot from all over the court. With flashes of Damian Lillard in his game he also shows imaginative playmaking skills.

(5) Cavaliers – Cam Reddish | SG | 6’6″ | 195 lbs. | Wingspan: 6’10”

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Best Attribute: Scoring Potential

Reddish isn’t as ready of a scorer as some other top picks like Zion, R.J. Barrett, and Ja Morant, but the talent is definitely there and he may have more upside for scoring than most. If he can fix his inconsistencies, then he can be a star shooting guard in the NBA.

(6) Suns – De’Andre Hunter | SF | 6’6″ | 225 lbs. | Wingspan: 7’2″

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Best Attribute: Two-Way Ability

Great 3-and-D wing who should translate well as he can defend multiple positions as well as shoot the ball efficiently.

(7) Bulls – Coby White | PG | 6’5″ | 185 lbs. | Wingspan: 6’4″

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Best Attribute: Getting Straight Buckets

Very speedy player who has no fear when it comes to scoring. At his best in the open floor so spacing will help his game a lot.

(8) Hawks – Jarrett Culver | SG | 6’6″ | 218 lbs. | Wingspan: 7’1″

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Best Attribute: All-Around Player

Versatile wing, can be reliable from the 3 if he shoots it like he did his previous season in college. Steadily becoming a better shot creator, though it’s fair to mention he was outplayed by De’Andre Hunter in the NCAA title game.

(9) Wizards – Sekou Doumboyua | SF | 230 lbs. | Wingspan: 6’11”

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Best Attribute: Athletic Ability

His athleticism alone makes him worthy of being the 9th overall pick. Potential versatility at the forward spots to be a mismatch as his skills continue to grow.

(10) Hawks – Kevin Porter Jr. | SG | 6’6″ | 218 lbs. | Wingspan: 6’9″

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Best Attribute: His Upside

Strong scorer who flashes star-like skills, but needs to put all the puzzle pieces together.

(11) Timberwolves – Nassir Little | SF | 6’6″ | 220 lbs. | Wingspan: 7’1″

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Best Attribute: Defensive Potential

Explosive 3 and D player who didn’t play up to his full potential in College. However, he was a late bloomer in High School and history tends to repeat itself.

(12) Hornets – Bol Bol | C | 7’2″ | 234 lbs. | Wingspan: 7’8″

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Best Attribute: Defensive Upside

Huge physical specimen like his father, Manute Bol, though he has a lot more offensive upside. His medical report/physical will make or break his draft stock.

(13) Heat – Brandon Clarke | PF | 6’8″ | 215 lbs. | Wingspan: 6’10”

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Best Attribute: Versatility

A very versatile defender with a team-first mindset. He also has an encouraging offensive skill set.

(14) Celtics – Jaxson Hayes | C | 6’11” | 220 lbs. | Wingspan: 7’4″

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Best Attribute: Rim Protecting

Athletic Center with ideal skills for a rim-protecting big who can run the floor.

(15) Pistons – P.J. Washington | PF | 6’8″ | 228 lbs. | Wingspan: 7’3″

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Best Attribute: Scoring

Strong Big Man who has improved scoring and passing at Kentucky.

(16) Magic – Romeo Langford | SG | 6’6″ | 215 lbs. | Wingspan: 6’10”

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Best Attribute: Iso Ball

Natural Scoring Wing who needs to refine decision making and his jump shot for his offensive talent to translate to the NBA.

(17) Nets – Rui Hachimura | PF | 6’8″ | 230 lbs. | Wingspan: 7’2″

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Best Attribute: Offensive Versatility

Raw talent born in Japan who’s progressed considerably in college to become a versatile scorer, but still has a far way to go before his game can translate to the NBA level.

(18) Pacers – Tyler Herro | PG | 6’5″ | 195 lbs. | Wingspan: 6’5

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Best Attribute: Scoring

Dynamic Shooter and a good two way player.

(19) Spurs – Keldon Johnson | SG | 6’6″ | 211 lbs. | Wingspan: 6’9″

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Best Attribute: Heart/Effort

High effort player on both ends of the ball. Complementary offensive peace who will fit into Coach Pop’s system.

(20) Celtics – Nickeil Alexander-Walker | SG| 6’5″ | 205 lbs. | Wingspan: 6’9″

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Best Attribute: Size

Versatile scoring wing who can play on or off the ball.

(21) Thunder – Ty Jerome | PG | 6’5″ | 195 lbs. | Wingspan: 6’3″

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Best Attribute: Playmaking

Talented playmaker and shooter who moves at 3G, but his mind calculates actions on the floor at a much higher level.

(22) Celtics – Admiral Schofield | SG | 6’6″ | 235 lbs. | Wingspan: 6’10”

Best Attribute: Strength

Sports a physique that’d make bodybuilders look small and has the potential skill set of a strong 3-and-D forward.

(23) Jazz – Grant Williams | PF | 6’7″ | 236 lbs. | Wingspan: 6’11”

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Best Attribute: Potential to be the “ Glue guy” of a team

Team-first player who ran  the show from the Post in college but will need to expand his game to the perimeter at the professional level.

(24) 76ers – Carson Edwards | PG | 6’1 | 200 lbs. | Wingspan: 6’5″

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Best Attribute: Scoring

Undersized scorer with a knack for performing in clutch moments. Classic Lou Williams type sixth man scorer.

(25) Trail Blazers – KZ Okpala | SF | 6’9″ | 216 lbs. | Wingspan: 7’2″

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Best Attribute: Offensive Versatility

He has all the tools to be a malleable two-way forward if his raw skills continue to develop.

(26) Cavaliers – Luguentz Dort | SG | 6’4″ | 222 lbs. | Wingspan: 6’9″

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Best Attribute: Defensive Versatility

A power wing built like an NFL defensive end, with shot-creation skills will be plagued by questionable shooting and decision-making if something in his game does not change.

(27) Nets – Talen Horton-Tucker | SG | 6’4″ | 235 lbs. | Wingspan: 7’1″

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Best Attribute: Raw Talent

Freak athlete who has the body to defend large players and raw skill to be a talented offensive guard.

(28) Warriors – Bruno Fernando | C | 6’10” | 237 lbs. | Wingspan: 7’3″

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Best Attribute: Rim Protecting

Athletic big man who has spectacular offensive skills but needs his defense to catch up to succeed on the NBA level.

(29) Spurs – Dylan Windler | SF | 6’8″ | 196 lbs. | Wingspan: 6’10”

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Best Attribute: Shooting

Sweet shooter who led Belmont to March Madness this season; he projects as a 3-and-D forward at the next level. An athletic Joe Ingles.

(30) Bucks – Mfiondu Kabengele | C | 6’10” | 256 lbs. | Wingspan: 7’3″

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Best Attribute: Rim Protecting

Great shot blocking instincts, also has a modern big man skill set.


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