Is Drake doing anything wrong?

Drake and Draymond Green were involved in some postgame Banter after game 1

Now that Game 2 has concluded we look at the Toronto Raptors tied 1-1 in the series and headed to Oracle arena for a game 3 match up on Wednesday. Game 2 was a tough L for the Raps especially since they were tied with the Warriors until the third quarter. The Toronto Raptors were up 59-54 at the half but the Warriors out scored them by 13 in the 3rd quarter making the score 88-80 Warriors. The Game ended with the score being 109-104 Warriors not only did they win this game at Toronto they did this without Kevin Durant. Kevin Durant wasn’t the only one to be injured, Klay Thompson also went down after shooting a three, and is listed as questionable for game 3. Kevin Durant though is listed as doubtful as the trainers haven’t even cleared him for a team practice. On a side note we were hoping for some trash talking last night between Drake and Draymond, which we didn’t get any though as Drake was spotted wearing a Home Alone sweatshirt aimed at trashing Kevin Durant.

Drake was called to a meeting with NBA execs a couple of days ago to talk about his sideline antics and even though in my opinion Drake isn’t doing anything wrong, because he is just a passionate fan that is a celebrity and the players choose to interact with him. Drake is basically the Knicks’ Spike Lee except the Raptors actually make it in the playoffs. Drake is not doing anything wrong he is just being a super fan. The way he is giving a shoulder rub to Raptors head coach Nick Nurse is a little out of hand but in no way is it affecting the series or how the Warriors play. Yes he can get in their heads but they allow that to happen. The Raptors despite heading to Oakland have an advantage with Klay being questionable and Kevin Durant out for game three. I believe that the Raptors will take a 2-1 lead and Kevin Durant will come back for game 4 and that about sums the series as the Warriors as much as I hate to say it will win this series 4-2. The only thing that would make my mind change is if Kevin Durant doesn’t play game 4 and guys like Pascal Siakam, Kawhi Leonard, and Kyle Lowry play more consistently and hit some key late game shots. The Raptors need to close out games moving forward, especially after their poor performance in the final 5 minutes of Game 2.


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