The Next Step For The Thunder.


In a matter of days the Oklahoma City Thunder have dropped from 3rd seed to 8th. This is what the basic standings show anyway. In truth they are tied for 6th seed with the San Antonio Spurs and the Los Angeles Clippers. These three teams are 7.0 games behind the leaders of the west, the Golden State Warriors. They are all 7.0 games ahead of the 9th seed the Sacramento Kings.

The Thunder are on a 4 game losing streak starting with the Indiana Pacers on the 15th March, then against the Warriors they lost 110-88. Russell Westbrook was suspended for Thunders game against the Miami Heat and Thunder came out short with a final score of 116-107. Then Thunder played the Toronto Raptors and lost 123-114.

The 20th March was also the retiring ceremony of Nick Collisons number 4 jersey.


I’ve seen a lot of posts and a lot of people complaining about different aspects of this team. Some say we need a better center, some say fire Donovan. I think that there’s a few issues with this team right now.

Personally, Ferguson is not pulling his weight, I know that it’s only his second year in the NBA and that Roberson is injured, but Thunder need a better shooting guard.

Jerami Grant, he’s a good player but not starter worthy just yet, he’s not at that point in his career. Get a new power forward and let Grant develop for a couple seasons and then see what he’s like.

Thunder have 10 games left in the season and they need to turn it around and soon otherwise they might not even make the playoffs. If they do make the playoffs but are still the 8th seed, then at this rate they’ll be facing off against the Warriors in the first round.

So what do they need to do? Both for the remainder of the season and playoffs and this offseason. It would be good to see Roberson back in action but if not they should definitely look at signing another shooting guard. Seeing someone taking Grants spot as a starter would be nice to see just so he can develop a little more. I think their main priority is finding a shooting guard because I personally think that that is their weakest position.

Let’s hope they turn it around and and work their way back up to the top 4.


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