Andre Drummond: The Untold Truth


When you hear the name Andre Drummond what do you think? Growing up near UConn it’s hard for me to think about him in a negative way but there’s a lot to this mans life that not many people know about. Andre Drummond has caused some problems that has affected his family in a ton of different ways. I actually have the pleasure of being friends with one of his cousins Peter and have also met their other cousin, rapper Don Zio P. The name Andre Drummond seems to leave a sour taste in their mouths when brought up. To quote Peter, he said to me “It’s really hard being caught up in the middle of this sometimes, I love them both, they’re both family”. Peter keeps in contact with Andre from time to time but it seems that Don Zio P seems to be the most involved with family out of the two celebrities. I asked Peter what exactly started all these problems and he said “After Andre became famous, he kinda just disappeared, it seemed like he didn’t need his family anymore and I think that pissed off Don Z because they grew up in the same house together”. Don Zio P and Andre Drummond were raised in the same house because of some other family issues that happened while they were very young. Don Zio P was also quoted calling Andre Drummond a “Bozzo” and has made a lot of remarks towards him on his social media. A certain instance I remember is when the Pistons played the Lakers in LA and Don Zio P took a video of Drummond warming up and was chirping at him. That night Kyle Kuzma dropped a career high of 41 points and Don Z ended up posting a picture of him and Kuzma on his instagram which was clearly being used to target Andre. What I took away from this whole thing is that basically Drummond just took the money and ran from his family. He essentially let the fame get to him and didn’t have his priorities set the right way. I guess Don Zio P was really upset about that and isn’t afraid to let the world know why. From what I’ve seen and heard about Don Zio P, he seems like an amazing person. He has a ton of potential in the music industry because his music is very good. He just seems like an overall great person and to get somebody like that angry, you really have to do some messed up things. Now obviously there’s two sides to every story but with Drummond being a guy who really likes to keep to himself, it makes it extremely difficult to know how he feels about the situation or what his side is. So here is my question to you, the reader of this article. Do you think that this situation is exactly how Don Zio P and his cousin peter are describing it or are there a few things missing or unrightfully added? 


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