The Gods Of Thunder.


Russ and PG went off last night. A combined 88 out of 148 points last night in double overtime against the Jazz. Jazz beat Thunder 4-2 in the first round of the playoffs last season, but the team showed a great attitude and came out on top.

Russ played 43 minutes and got 43 points, 8 assists and 15 rebounds. He shot 51.7% from the field with 15-29. He shot 46.2% from 3 going 6-13. He also had 1 block and 2 steals.

PG played 50 minutes last night, scoring 45 points including the game winner (link below). He shot 54.8% from the field with 17-31. He shot 38.5% from 3 with 5-13. He also had 7 assists, 9 rebounds and 1 steal.


Link to Paul George’s game winner:

Markieff Morris has his first game with the Thunder last night. He played 17 minutes and got 2 assists and shot 0-1 from the field. It doesn’t sound great but just bare in mind that he hasn’t adjusted to how the Thunder play or played with the team for long enough to get in his groove. So not too bad a night for him.


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