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5 Potential Comeback Stories

ByRicky Millns

Feb 23, 2019

If there’s one thing sports fans love, it’s a good comeback story. Comeback stories demonstrate perseverance, heart, discipline and passion. The best thing about a comeback story is that it can happen to anyone, anytime. Many stories, like Derrick Rose’s revival have shook the league and truly inspired many. Today we’re going to have a look at 5 of the greatest comeback stories, that are yet to come.

1. Isaiah Thomas

Isaiah Thomas is no stranger to the comeback game. Thomas lost his sister during an incredible playoff run. He proceeded to have an incredible and inspiring performance despite his justified emotional state. But perhaps the best Isaiah Thomas comeback story is yet to come. The shortest player in the league is currently set up in a great comeback story position. After being traded away to Cleveland for Kyrie Irving, Thomas has seen better days. His limited playing time in Cleveland was underwhelming, and a lingering hip injury ruined his chances on the Lakers. Thomas now plays in Denver, where he has just recently returned from a full year of injury relief time. Let it be known, incredible talent doesn’t just disappear. Isaiah Thomas isn’t “burnt out”, he could be re-entering elite caliber status. Thomas has it in him to be excellent, and when it finally comes out… the NBA could have an incredible and inspiring story on it’s hands.

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2. Nate Robinson

It’s worth noting that not every comeback story has to be based on an injury. Despite being the easiest option, sometimes players naturally fall out of the league. This is what happened to multi-time dunk contest champion Nate Robinson. Much like Isaiah Thomas, Robinson has a height disadvantage compared to his fellow players. However, lately Nate Robinson has been public about his desire to return to the NBA. Robinson is in the best shape we’ve ever seen him, he has been training non-stop and anyone that follows his Instagram page knows this. He’s also commented publicly about wanting to play again. He often comments under social media posts campaigning for his return to the league. Robinson definitely deserves a second chance, and I believe if given this chance, we could see the revival of the Nate Robinson era in the NBA.

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3. Hasheem Thabeet

You may recall the former second overall draft pick, Hasheem Thabeet. Thabeet was highly regarded by scouts, especially when considering his 7’3 height. Thabeet would be the second tallest player in the league to only Boban Marjanovich, who would still reign superior by a mere centimeter. Thabeet has been working hard since his decline and exit from the league. Just recently news broke that Thabeet was working out for some teams like the Raptors, Bucks and Rockets. With the buyout market open, Thabeet could be listed in these teams’ rosters very soon. Again, talent just doesn’t disappear overnight, and Thabeet was been putting in the work, so it’s hard to see his return to the NBA ending up underwhelming. Thabeet could become a feel good story for all the players whose stocks have plummeted after the draft, as well as players who did not get drafted at all. Keep an eye out for Thabeet to make some noise in the coming future, as the still young center has lots of time to make a comeback.

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4. John Wall

What a rough go it has been for John Wall. Much like Isaiah Thomas, Wall was heavily regarded as a major superstar in the NBA. An unfortunate series of injuries, followed by more injuries, followed by slipping in his house and sitting a whole year out, has made for a potential comeback story on John Wall’s behalf. Wall has been criticized constantly since his entry into the NBA, but people often forget how incredible Wall actually is. When he’s healthy, John Wall is without a doubt a top 5 point guard in this league. People often forget that. There’s a common misconception out there that John Wall is washed up, and it’s Bradley Beal’s time to shine. Contrarily, Wall could very well comeback from these injuries. We haven’t seen what Wall can truly do since his initial knee injury, so lets not be so quick to jump to the easy conclusion that John Wall is a lost cause.

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5. Andrew Wiggins

Andrew Wiggins was so highly regarded drafted out of college. Despite Wiggins being considered the most underwhelming draft pick in a long time, Wiggins actually has an incredible scoring ability. Wiggins simply lacks consistency. We have seen Wiggins put up 40 points a few times, imagine if this was a regular occurrence. Wiggins is phenomenal, nobody can take this away from him, if Wiggins was consistent, we could be looking at a generational talent. Now, Wiggins is absolutely capable of stardom, and he could snap at any moment. We need to stop doubting Wiggins and recognize him for the superstar he COULD be. The reason I give him the last spot on the comeback list is because he has so many doubters that want to see him fail, but regardless he is capable of so much more. Watch for Wiggins to bloom into a star as he matures more as a person and as a player.

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Ricky Millns

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